Arkansas Senator wants to boycott venue for “wicked and evil” Eyehategod poster? Thursday February 7 2019, 7:01 PM
Arkansas Senator wants to boycott venue for “wicked and evil” Eyehategod poster?

Just a few months after a Texas pastor worried that the band Ghost would bring Satan to their town, Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert is taking a stand against an Eyehategod show in his home state, only this time it’s a little more personal. The poster for the show depicts Rapert — whose bigoted views include wanting both same-sex marriage and abortion to be illegal — with bloody fangs and a human baby in his mouth. Rapert posted about the show on Facebook, urging people to boycott the venue (Vino’s In Little Rock):

Boycott Vinos in Little Rock

Friends, I rarely share with you the hateful posts and pictures that extreme liberals make about me to torment my stand for better moral values. But this time I want you to see what they have done. They use my image on an event without my permission and they depict me “biting a baby” in my mouth. A wicked and evil depiction on an event entitled “Eyehategod”. I call on Vino’s in Little Rock to cancel this event and apologize for such a disrespectful image that shows the dehumanization of babies lives. It is disrespectful of all who value babies lives and people of faith. They also clearly welcome the Satanic Temple in another post I am sharing. I urge you NOT to frequent Vinos and stand against their hateful rhetoric.

The event promoter has since changed the flyer to depict Gene Simmons with a baby in his mouth, and promises they’ll have the original posters available at the show.

While some of Rapert’s supporters are equally outraged, the good news is it turns out he’s done some unintentional publicity for Eyehategod! One person commented, “I had never heard of EYEHATEGOD until this post. They’re awesome, and I don’t even listen to much metal these days. Thanks for the new tunes. Seriously considering going to this show to see this awesome band I had no idea about, thanks to you. Great job on the advertising, keep up the good work.”

Eyehategod have several other tour dates coming up, including two Brooklyn shows in May with Negative Approach and Sheer Terror. Via BrooklynVegan

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