Watch Darkest Hour Tear Shit Up Live at Saint Vitus Bar! Saturday June 17 2017, 12:58 PM
Watch Darkest Hour Tear Shit Up Live at Saint Vitus Bar!

Darkest Hour’s self titled 8th studio album is seen by some as the end of a journey spanning almost two decades. Others see it as a new beginning. Regardless, its place in history is complete. Debuting at Darkest Hour’s highest ever Billboard chart position to date, self –titled allows the fresh talents of drummer Travis Orbin and bassist Aaron Deal to shine (both of which make their musical debut on this album). The cover art features the 7 sided Star of Babalon. Recoreded, mixed and Mastered over a two year period in Bethesda, MD by producer Taylor Larson, Darkest Hour was released on August 5, 2014. Music video and radio singles include: The Misery We Make, By The Starlight, Futurist, Rapture in Exile, and Wasteland. Upon release of the album the band toured along side the Rockstar Energy Drink Music Festiville with world touring expected.

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