Kravt Durch Krebs – Schmerzkörper - Reviewed By FULL METAL MAYHEM! Tuesday November 23 2021, 11:41 AM
Kravt Durch Krebs – Schmerzkörper - Reviewed By FULL METAL MAYHEM!

Kravt Durch Krebs – Schmerzkörper - Reviewed By FULL METAL MAYHEM ! Check it out here at this link:

The album has been out since the eleventh of September 2021. On which label released: He released the album on his own. Other releases of the band: It is the second album, plus there are six singles, if Spotify is to be believed. How did I get to know the band: Also here the Metal Devastation Radio sent me the album and since I like the early stuff of Eisregen very much, the band name immediately appealed to me. How do I find the cassette: What the vulture am I listening to? So really, what's that supposed to be? Partly we have frenzied black metal, which was probably really recorded with the Fisherprice cassette recorder, with everything that goes with it: nasty whealing, string slush and masses of noise. Then we have tracks, which are actually just a monologue, accompanied by some of the instruments, as if an ambient black metal band had taken over the musical accessory of a radio play and then even a song comes up that could almost be described as grindcore.

Conclusion: Well, I'm really confused. Maybe this is something for friends of experimental metal, maybe also for people who do noise to themselves. I find the whole thing interesting, but I can't really classify it. If you are interested, then listen here: - FULL METAL MAYHEM

Release Date: September 11th 2021

FFO: Totenmond, Woods of Ypres, Napalm Death, Dead Can Dance, Darkthrone, Paysage d´Hiver

Genre: Ambient, Black Metal, Noise, Avantgarde, Spoken word, Doom, Dissonant, Metal, Lo-fi

Label: Independent

Kravt durch Krebs delivers a fine example of modern conscious black metal, combining the production and attitude values of old school bands like Celtic Frost and Hellhammer with new age lyricism and perception.

Kravt durch Krebs is a one person Band . The one Bandmember goes by the Alter Ego "Knecht Geiper". This Project will never ever play any live shows but will continue to put out music. It is meant to sound disturbing and raw with a fuck that attitude. The feeling while recording the songs was more important than the output itself - so the songs have many "happy accidents" and are far away from a good polished sound and perfect playing. The lyrics are intended not to be heard clearly. It is more about feeling the vocals vibe than understanding everything. Kravt durch Krebs translated means (Power through Cancer), usually it would be written Kraft instead of Kravt. The Album Title translated means Pain Body

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