KING DIAMOND Undergoes Surgery, Cancels Mexico's HELL & HEAVEN METAL FEST Friday March 13 2020, 4:31 AM
 KING DIAMOND Undergoes Surgery, Cancels Mexico's HELL & HEAVEN METAL FEST

KING DIAMOND has been forced to cancel its scheduled appearance at the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest on March 15 in Mexico City.

The band's namesake frontman announced the cancelation in a social media post earlier today. He wrote: "I was recently advised by my doctor to have surgery done for an issue, which, if not done right away, would have prevented me from flying. We did not expect to have any complications after the surgery, but my healing is slower than anticipated, and I've been advised to 'forego air travel until his healing stabilizes and additional risks are minimized.' Unfortunately and regretfully, this means that we cannot make it this weekend to play at the Hell & Heaven [ Metal Fest ]. we love playing in Mexico and can't wait to get a chance to make this up to you. Til then, stay heavy."

King , who has lived in suburban Dallas, Texas for more than two decades, told Metal Hammer in 2016 that he has "become a lot healthier" since he underwent open-heart triple-bypass surgery in 2010. He said: "I gave up smoking after my heart scare, my wife keeps me on a strict diet that I follow completely, and doctors are amazed at how healthy I am these days. Honestly, I think I am now healthier than I have ever been."

The singer, whose real name is Kim Bendix Petersen , continued: "I've also found that, since I made a real effort to have a healthy lifestyle, my voice has improved so much. I can now hit notes that were a struggle for me when I was younger. As for my sex life, that's just great now. And I am not saying that because my wife is sitting next to me!"

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