New Song Premiere From Saratan feat. Cyaxares - Shena! Saturday November 10 2018, 6:47 PM
New Song Premiere From Saratan feat. Cyaxares - Shena!

Modern Assyrian Language consists of the dialects Chaldo-Syrio-Assyrian. Assyrian and Chaldean are ethnic groups who lived in Mesopotamia (known as Iraq in the modern day), where the Assyrians lived in northern Mesopotamia and was previously responsible for creating the Assyrian Empire and the Chaldeans lived central and southern Mesopotamia who are now descendants of the Neo-Babylonian Empire. Assyrians are predominantly Christian; most of them have immigrated to different parts of the world due to mass persecutions.

Shena was recorded by:
Nawa Mikhaeil - vocals
Mir Cyaxares - vocals
Brwa Ahmed - ney
Jarosław Niemiec - bağlama cura, saz, santur, yaili tambur,
Michał Stefański - drums, darbuka, tombak, shaman drum

Santur, saz, bağlama cura, darbuka, yaili tambur, tombak, shaman drum by Jacek Gruszka - JRSstudio
Ney, vocals recorded in Pro Studio, Sulaymaniyah

Mixed and mastered by Jacek Gruszka - JRSstudio

Music - Jarosław Niemiec
Lyrics - Nawa Mikhaeil (Chaldean language)

Photo - Mahafsoun -
Layout - Robert Zembrzycki

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