Happy freuds with straight to feeling artist management Thursday March 12 2020, 9:16 PM
Happy freuds with straight to feeling artist management

"A consistent maelstrom of creativity!" – VideoMusicStars

Press Release

Band:         Happy Freuds

Track:        BREAK

Label:        Self Released

Release Date:    27th March 2020

The Track 

‘BREAK’ will be the lead single from the bands, second album, ‘TRAVEL ITINERARY’ due later in 2020.

Recorded at Crocotone Jailhouse Studios, Spain with sound engineer/producer Klaus Jurgens.  Like the majority of Freuds material, ‘Break’ comes from an initial idea and arrangement by Teo (vocals, lead guitar) and quickly becomes a collaborative effort, developing organically through a series of group jams. 

The Band

7 times featured artist – ReverbNation, Artist of the week: The indie show/Bishop FM (UK), 

Editor’s choice, twice on Jango Radio worldwide, previously included in Relix Magazine as editor’s choice. 

Out performing ‘industry standard’ social media reach (source NextBigSound)

Happy Freuds are; Teo (Lead guitar and vocals), Victor (Drums), Maverick (Rhythm guitar) and Edgar (Bass guitar)  akin to a 70's analog rock and roll album experience with extreme diversity and authenticity that only falls into place if you listen for more than 15 seconds. Influences range from the almighty Black Sabbath to 'The Bends' era Radiohead and Mumford & Sons.

People across the globe are appreciating the band's self-produced sound. In fact, Allman's Big Feet, taken from their 2019 full-length album "Echo of Sounds" was a Relix Magazine editor's choice and the band have enjoyed support from a variety of worldwide radio stations to date. They've also been recognized by Jango Worldwide (editor's choice twice), Reverbnation (featured artists 7 times) and Bishop FM (artist of the week).

2020 sees the band release new music and stretch their wings by hitting the road and playing shows in new locations throughout Europe and the UK.  


Be, what it's meant to be

Fail, giving into fear

Initial tag, title profession

'That' is all you've got to do


This, is what it's gonna be

Get it? Tear your name in half

Damn all the false calculations

Got to gain a true comprehension


So break the chords

Cut the lie

Erase your truth

See inside


So break the chords

Cut the lie

Erase your truth

See inside


So break the chords

do what’s right

And live the truth be alive



    Spotify:    https://open.spotify.com/artist/1yXITK9vnAyX7jYIOjrzwx  

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUeIGMwhoZOJTjPQDVGDzQ?reload=9





Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/HappyFreuds/

Instagram:    https://www.instagram.com/happyfreuds/

    Twitter:    https://twitter.com/HappyFreuds

Further information

Contact:     Straight To Feeling Artist Management //  info@straighttofeeling.com

"Happy Freuds stir rock’s sensibilities in all the right ways. Could “Echo Of Sound – Duncan Morrison Mix” be the sound of a movement being reborn? I certainly hope so!" - Jacob Aiden, Jamsphere

"Happy Freuds is a unique and eclectic mix with their style and the type of music they create" - Sherryl Craig, Nashville Music Guide

"With a no holds barred/in the moment attack and the occasional relief of strong language, this band has a strong push towards greatness. Truly Indie and international, they will find a home here stateside.This album could be a game changer for the upcoming 2020 music scene," – Indiepulse Music

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