SATAN TO RELEASE ‘EARLY RITUALS’ Monday July 27 2020, 7:20 PM

Legendary act SATAN was born in Newcastle, England in 1979. Though generally obscure throughout their career, the band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash metal that was advanced by the standards of the early 1980s and later revered by the likes of Metallica and other major heavy metal bands. The band is now very enthusiastic to announce the release of their much sought after demos : 'The first demo' (1981) , 'Into the Fire' (1982) , ‘The Dirt' Demo '86 (1986) in Limited edition digipack and Vinyl, Digital as guitarist Russ Tippins comments : 
«In the 1980s we made three different demos which were reproduced on cassette tape (of course). The songs on each demo give the listener a broad indication of where the band was at both artistically and technically. What’s interesting about this double-vinyl & CD release is that it features three different singers and three different drummers. Satan was in a constant state of flux in those early days, energy and free time were all we had !.
We are proud of our history and hope you enjoy these demos. Once again we’d like to extend sincere thanks to our former bandmates for being part of this story and especially to Listenable Records not only for putting this album out, but also for their vital support from 2013 to 2017 – a significant period since the reunion of Satan nine years ago."

SATAN ’Early Rituals’ is a collection of the band’s legendary demos now freshly and fully remastered. They showcase  stunning songwriting and playing that still sound so relevant today. It is a must have for all worshippers of Classic Heavy Metal !. Release dates : 25/09/20 (EU), 9/10/20 (US).
Grab ‘Early Rituals’  HERE

01 Kiss Of Death 05:01
02 Heads Will Roll 03:13
03 Oppression 05:06
04 The Executioner 03:20
05 Into The Fire - Trial By Fire 06:17
06 Blades Of Steel 04:59
07 No Turning Back 04:17
08 Break Free 05:37
09 Pull The Trigger 05:40
10 The Ritual 05:09
11 Key To Oblivion 04:36
12  Hear Evil See Evil Speak Evil 04:50
13 Fuck You 03:17
14 The Ice Man 04:26
Court in the Act (Neat 1983 -  Listenable 2016)
Out of Reach (Roadrunner 1985)
Suspended Sentence (S.P.V. 1987)
The Kindred (Steamhammer 1988)
Blaze of Obscurity ( S.P.V. 1989)
Unity (1998)
Life Sentence (Listenable 2013)
Trail of Fire - Live in North America (Listenable 2014)
Atom by Atom (Listenable 2015)
Cruel Magic (Metal Blade 2018)
Early Rituals (Listenable 2020)
Current Line up :
Brian Ross (vocals)
Graeme English (Bass)
Russ Tippins Guitars) 
Sean Taylor (Drums)
Steve Ramsey (Guitars)

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