Invisible Oranges Premieres Road Warrior/Gravebreaker Split Wednesday February 19 2020, 6:59 PM
Invisible Oranges Premieres Road Warrior/Gravebreaker Split

Invisible Oranges has premiered the forthcoming split release from Sweden's Gravebreaker and Australia's Road Warrior. The vinyl 7" split will be released February 21 on Gates of Hell Records (a Cruz Del Sur Music imprint). Stream it below!
It has now been over three years since Sweden’s Gravebreaker released their debut album, Sacrifice, an album that Angry Metal Guy proclaimed, “Leather-clad and switchblades at the ready, Sacrifice blasts heavy metal loud and proud as it cruises around its bombed-out city.” The band has been very deliberate in creating the follow-up, waiting for the right time for inspiration to strike. So, as a way to keep Gravebreaker top-of-mind in the metal underground, Gates of Hell Records sought another band to pair them with for a split release. Enter Australian metal tyrants Road Warrior. Their resultant split release should no doubt tide fans of both bands over as 2020 gets underway.
Gravebreaker’s “Death Promise” is a leftover cut from the Sacrifice writing sessions. While the song almost made the final running order for Sacrifice, Gravebreaker has dug it out from their archives for release. “Death Promise” re-enacts the story told in the Kung-Fu thriller by the same name, detailing “murder, then training to become a Kung-Fu master, ultimately leading to revenge.” The song itself catches Gravebreaker doing what they do best: Playing traditional metal that resembles Angel Witch and Judas Priest. 
Never at a loss for material, Road Warrior’s “Death In Heels On Wheels” finds the Australian metallers heading into a more progressive direction, recalling the likes of King Diamond and Fates Warning — a different angle than the brute force showcased on Power, making it the perfect choice for inclusion in the split. The cut showcases the songwriting development of bassist/vocalist Denimal Blake, whose wide assortment of influences and growth as a songwriter is demonstrated on the track. He does caution, however, that the next Road Warrior studio effort will feature some surprises and “epic” moments.
Separated by nearly 14,000 kilometers, Gravebreaker and Road Warrior is the perfect pairing for a split. Listeners will no doubt realize they are two bands with an uncompromising vision and metal forever embedded in their hearts. What more could you ask for?
Track List
Side A - Death In Heels on Wheels [Road Warrior]
Side B - Death Promise [Gravebreaker]
Denimal – Vocals / Bass
Overdryve- Guitar
Villon – Drums
Fury – Guitars/ Bass
Devastation- Drums
Nightmare - Vocals

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