WOMBRIPPER sign with MEMENTO MORI Tuesday February 19 2019, 11:47 PM

In their endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage death metal, Memento Mori are extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: Wombripper, from Russia.

Established in Nizhny Novgorod in February 2013, Wombripper have ever since leaned towards the Swedish school of death metal with raw, crunchy buzzsaw guitars and straightforward compositions. Highly influenced by Grave, Entombed, and Dismember, their first demo, titled Morbid Aberrations, was recorded and released in 2014, and the band shared the stage with some of the genre's milestones such as Necrophobic, Nominon, and Fleshcrawl, and also newer underground acts such as Undergang, Nocturnal Witch, etc.

After several lineup changes, the four-track EP Infected Tomb was recorded and self-released by the band in 2017. That same year, Wombripper recorded their debut album, titled From the Depths of Flesh, which was released in 2018 by different labels, such as Redefining Darkness Records (USA) and Grotesque Sounds (Russia). From the Depths of Flesh gained them lots of positive feedback from the media and old-school death metal fans alike, as the album displayed some top-notch Swedeath, an aural massacre featuring plenty of catchy and morbid melodies, blazing solos, and blasting devastation. Now, the band acts as a three-piece and continue to craft music for a new album that's going to exhibit more of Wombripper's pure, old-school Swedeath of the highest grade.

Memento Mori confidently recommends Wombripper for fans of Entombed, Fleshcrawl, Entrails, Nirvana 2002, Dismember, Grave, Demonical, Carnage, and God Macabre.

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of their sophomore full-length album in 2020. Further details to follow in the coming months. For more info, consult the links below.


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