Stoned Meadow Of Doom - What Happened? Wednesday February 19 2020, 6:25 AM
Stoned Meadow Of Doom - What Happened?

Stoned Meadow of Doom (Often abbreviated as SMoD ) is a YouTube channel composed by Clint Beed , starting in 2013. SMoD promotes various bands, known or unsigned, by displaying entire albums in single videos . Many bands (largely unsigned) have cited SMoD as a source to get their band's name out there and as of the late 2010s, the initial channel had garnered over 320,000 subscribers in it's peak while the backup channel ( Stoned Meadow of Doom 2 ) had over 100,000 subscribers. In 2016 the YouTube page managed to spawn a festival of it's own in Stoned Meadow of Doom Fest . The festival ran three editions from 2016 - 2018 showcasing a multitude of bands in the stoner, doom and sludge circles.
The thumbnail used for SMoD 's various pages is taken from the 1975 comic book series Space:1999 , drawn by John Byrne . It was then featured on the 2005 album Gravity X by Truckfighters . Clint has went on record to state that the album was highly influential in getting him into the genre and has cited it as one of his all-time favorite albums.
Stoned Meadow of Doom has also attained criticism in some of the stoner and doom circles since it's inception. Notably the policy of the channel collecting money from ad revenue and views while the band's only attain "exposure", sometimes even setting up contracts for the bands, has garnered criticism with comparisons to a notorious booking practice known as " pay-to-play ". The Stoned Meadow of Doom Facebook group (SMoD Nation) has also garnered criticism for it's vitriolic atmosphere and "Shitpost Saturdays", which often features controversial , sexist or racist content. SmoD has also attained criticism for trying to report other YouTube channels sharing music in similar genres, sometimes even going as far as to try to shut down other channels in the same scene.
On 17 February 2020 a series of posts would appear in various groups displaying anti-semitic comments and harsh words at the band Acid Mammoth over choosing a different channel to release on YouTube . The threads would spread to several sources, with many other people speaking out against Beed and SMoD , along with several bands opting to cut ties with the YouTube channel. SMoD attempted an apology but deleted it less than an hour after posting it. Via Riffpedia

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