4 Ways to Give The Best Possible Live Music Performance Friday June 18 2021, 7:52 PM
4 Ways to Give The Best Possible Live Music Performance

Whether you are a member of a popular music band with a load of gigs under your belt, or a start-up solo artist with dreams of stardom, the most challenging part is perfecting the art of live performance.

With that in mind, here are four ways to give the best possible live performance.

  • Audience Interaction

This is one of the most important elements in your journey to creating the best possible live performance of your life. If the audience wanted to listen to a perfect rendition of the song you are performing, they can listen online. Your job is to perform the song to the best of your ability whilst still entertaining the audience as much as possible. Always keep in the very forefront of your mind that you are performing not just to your audience but FOR your audience. Fans and potential fans want to connect with you and your band as much as they want to connect to your music and it is your job to give them what they paid for. Do not let them down.

  • Costume and Make-Up

A gigantic part of putting on a live music performance is your overall band aesthetic. 

Invest in quality stage-make up and costumes and your overall performance professionalism will instantly be elevated. Purchase your stage wares from an experienced, professional and expert supplier such as wardrobesupplies.com and seriously improve the design aesthetic of your live music performance. 

  • Make Each Show Different

Yours is not a stand-up comedy routine in a different city every night. Yours is a music performance and therefore lends itself beautifully to personalizing every single concert and every single song in the set. Each individual show is entirely different and subsequently each audience is entirely different, even if you have regular fans, even more reason for you to change up each gig a bit. Little changes to each gig, like mentioning the city or state you are in, go a long way to personalizing each performance. Strive to make every individual show a truly memorable event, even if you are performing the same set each night. 

  • Do Not Get Too Drunk

This seems fairly obvious, but you know how it is: you are in the moment, you are drinking in the audience’s affection and simultaneously knocking back a jack and coke. 

A few drinks throughout the gig is fine and may well shave off the worst of the nerves and stage fright. After all, copious amounts of alcohol and music gigs are interwoven. However, just because you are having a massive load of fun, it does not mean you should get tanked up during the show. Undeniably, your professionalism will slip when drunk and you have to always remember that your audience have paid to see you. Again, do not let them or yourselves down by giving a less than perfect performance because you are so drunk you cannot even see where the stage ends. 

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