Top Russian metal band supports young UK bands Monday January 27 2020, 6:15 AM
Top Russian metal band supports young UK bands

Imperial Age have just announced a supporting band competition among UK bands for their upcoming UK tour in April 2020.

The band itself has come a long way to get where they are today - and was significantly helped and endorsed by Christopher Johnsson (THERION) - and thus realizes how hard it is for new bands to be heard and attract attention.

Aor and Jane, the leaders of Imperial Age, say:
"We have received a lot of requests from a lot of bands all over the world to join us at our UK concerts in April 2020. We have given it a thorough thought and this is what we have come up with:

These days it’s very hard for new bands to get themselves heard. Labels don’t sign new bands, they want them to build up a fanbase first – and even then it’s extremely hard. Promoters aren’t really interested in them either. Usually bands have to pay an arm and a leg for everything, and the conditions aren’t good.

We have experienced this ourselves and only huge support from you – our fans, allowed us to start doing music full-time without the help of a record label.

However, Destiny has been very good to us, and a few years ago we were very kindly helped by Christofer Johnsson when he allowed us to join the Therion European tour at a time when we were totally unknown in Europe.

So we would like to give back as much as we can.

We want to give new bands an opportunity – so we will be setting up a competition among young UK bands.”

The winner will become the only support band for the Imperial Age 2020 UK tour.

This includes, free of charge:

1. a 60-minute set before Imperial Age
2. a 60-minute sound check after Imperial Age with proper sound & light
3. setup
4. dressing room
5. catering
6. selling merch
7. promotion (the band will be in all news & other types of coverage regarding the tour)
8. discounted tickets for fans
9. guest list of +1 for every band & crew member

For those willing to apply, the conditions are described on the band's website: support-competition/


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