Revogar Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Friday January 3 2020, 11:32 PM
Revogar Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR!

Coming in with a devastating 5,506 votes!

Revogar is a band formed in Brazil in 2010 in Esteio City in the state of 
Rio Grande do Sul directed to the genre Black Death Metal. 
In his discography it is possible to find works released in native language 
(Portuguese - Brazil) and in format (English - USA), Revogar has also shared 
stage with bands such as Vital remains, Malevolent creation, Krisiun, 
Marduk, Ratos de Porão and Besatt; 

Vale dos suicidas (álbum) - 2010

Behind the throne of god (ep) - 2012

Revogar na estrada (dvd) - 2013

Rotten crown (single) - 2014

Psicótico (single) - 2015

Condenado (single) - 2016

Astral resolution of the inner conflicts (coletânea) - 2017

The Savior (single) - 2019

Conqueror of the unholy light (Ep) - 2020
1- Crucifagium (Jesus is Dead) 03:36
2- Ritualistic Brutalization 03:16
3- The Savior 02:46
4- With the eyes cloused 02:53
5- War of insanitification 02:44

Conqueror of the unholy light was composed and produced by Revogar.
Mixing, Re-amp and Mastering by Henrique Fioravanti at From Hellcords Studios, 
Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Cover art designed and executed by Aurelio Lara at Designlara Artwork 
in Cuiabá, Brazil.

Antonio Teixeira - Vocal
Wagner Santos - Guitar
Christian Peixoto - Bass
Jonas Koehler - Drum

Project started by guitarist Wagner Santos, merging sounds of past and current 
experiences in his career,his lyrics with varied themes cover philosophies 
from anti-religions to beliefs that will arrest the human mind and limit
the expansion of knowledge or evolution, directly and objectively. 
Its sound and style of music border the eighty metal
famous for its timed tube amp riffs, but with a twist of Black Death Metal 
where fast picks predominate. The band has in its lyrical part a harsh 
contest of Black Metal, where it seeks to introduce their lyrics in a 
skeptical scenario of exclusion to the dogmas.linked to Christianity and 
Catholicism, exposing their contradictions in the midst of the heavy music scene,
so does its instrumental sounding Death Metal, which gives rise to the 
forge of Black Death Metal.


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