VOYAGER and GARGOYL to Perform at Metal Injection's Slay at Home Fest Monday October 19 2020, 7:46 PM
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VOYAGER and GARGOYL to Perform at Metal Injection's Slay at Home Fest

Following a successful launch back in May, Metal Injection's virtual Slay at Home fest has returned as a monthly installment! The October set will feature virtual performances from electro prog sensation  VOYAGER  and progressive grunge rockers  GARGOYL . More information is available  HERE .
This month's Slay At Home is set to stream live FREE on Friday, October 23 at 3:00 P.M. EDT // 9:00 P.M. CEST, via the  Metal Injection YouTube  page in support of the  Cancer Research Institute.
The episode will be in honor of Frank Godla Sr. (father of Slay at Home's founder), Eddie Van Halen, and Frankie Banali of  Quiet Riot,  who have recently passed away from cancer. This will also benefit  Entombed 's LG Petrov who is currently battling cancer and  collecting funds  for medical attention.

VOYAGER  will be supporting the re-release of 2017's 'Ghost Mile' as well as 2019's 'Colours in the Sun,' the latter of which was the winner of The Independent Music Award in the Rock/Hard Rock Album category. 'Colours in the Sun' was released in November of 2019 and landed a coveted #1 placement on the Australian Independent Albums chart! 'Colours in the Sun' also debuted at #7 on Independent Label Albums as well as #27 on Official iTunes Australia.
Watch the video for "Runaway," which originally debuted on 'Eurovision: Australia Decides'  HERE .

'Colours in the Sun' can be downloaded, purchased, and streamed  HERE .
'Ghost Mile' can be downloaded, purchased, and streamed  HERE .

GARGOYL , which features guitarist Dave Davidson (REVOCATION) and vocalist/guitarist Luke Roberts (AYAHUASCA), will be promoting their debut full-length! The record was released earlier this month and can be streamed, purchased, and downloaded  HERE . Watch the video for "Plastic Nothing"  HERE .  
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VOYAGER  explodes like a supernova onto the worldwide stage with their new album ‘Colours In the Sun’. The Australians radiate an ultra-modern and prismatic hard rock that delivers on their promise of “epic electro progressive power pop metal.” Each of the albums ten tracks are bright, vibrant hook-laden affairs that resonate long after listening. VOYAGER deliver the perfect storm of modern hard rock song craft, and ‘Colours In the Sun’ is a vivid, uplifting, and exhilarating album experience.
Recommended if you like: Chon, Polyphia, Steve Winwood, Duran Duran Periphery

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GARGOYL 's unique blend of elegant prog and familiar grunge gestures side-steps any one genre. The new band forges their own path through the musical ether with subdued exploration that explodes into driving backbeats and ringing vocal harmonies. Featuring Luke Roberts from the dynamic AYAHUASCA on guitar and vocals alongside the virtuosic talent of REVOCATION mastermind Dave Davidson, this fresh collaboration sees them expand their repertoire to create something fresh, fascinating and far-reaching. 

For more on  GARGOYL , please visit the band's official  FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER BANDCAMP,  and  SOUNDCLOUD .
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