Scarlet Desire Is Band Of The Month January 2020 Sunday December 29 2019, 9:34 PM
Scarlet Desire Is Band Of The Month January 2020

Crushing the polls with a devastating 18,468 votes, and winning for the entire month!

Scarlet Desire is a Finnish-Greek symphonic metal band. It was founded by Esa Mikkola and Danae Komodromou in 2014 in London, UK. Esa has a long history playing guitar and keyboards in metal bands like BloodRose and Psychema. Danae on the other hand has graduated from Trinity College in London where she studied Opera performance and piano. But she has always had a passion for symphonic metal as well.
This combination led to the release of the first single "Cry For Your Name" in 6.12.2019 and will follow-up with other releases in 2020.

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