Montreal's Blackened Thrash DIZASTRA To Unleash Debut Album "Elder Sun" Nov 22 Wednesday November 13 2019, 4:22 AM
Montreal's Blackened Thrash DIZASTRA To Unleash Debut Album "Elder Sun" Nov 22

Back L-R: Pietro Giampa (Drums), Denis Stoisin (Lead Guitar), Nathan Afilalo (Bass)
 Center: Matteo Conti (Guitar/Vocals)

From the bowels of Satan’s lair, DIZASTRA has come. After a long wait, their first full-length album "Elder Sun" is ready to massacre fans on November 22, 2019.

Following their 2015 EP ‘Hell’s Gate’, Montreal based DIZASTRA summons unholy ferocity in their music merging the sounds of black, thrash and melodic heavy metal to coagulate a distinct sound.

During this past summer, these evildoers unleashed the music video for the first single off the album 'Vae Victus'. An anthem to riding a dragon through Hades, this track combines all the elements of what makes heavy metal what it is. Bringing together shrieking vocals, pummeling drums, cosmic-threatening bass, and electrifying (literally) solos.

The video for ‘Vae Victus’ demonstrates their meager budget and Tolkien level storytelling in a compelling tale of time travel and high adventure. Wizards, warriors, battle, and friendship all come together to dazzle viewers across the globe.

Watch 'Vae Victus' here  and on  Spotify .

Other tracks featured on "Elder Sun" such as 'The Second Coming' and 'Dead ov Night', steer the listener through sonic waters vicious and dark, assaulting you with wicked verses and melodious choruses. 'Gnosis' and 'Piercing The Veil' inject the album with a dose of mayhem and speed while 'Astaroth' closes the full-length by bringing listeners from the profoundest deeps to high peeks of heaven.

Altogether, the alchemy crafted in "Elder Sun" brings a sound both new and familiar to the votaries of thrash and black metal. There is an undeniable shrill-heaviness to this album that gets paired with a thrilling melody to create a thing as awe-inspiring and terrifying as the flames of our solar star. And much like the forbidding beauty of a westering sky, DIZASTRA’s "Elder Sun" is not to be missed.

Album pre-order on  Bandcamp .

Nov 22 - Montreal, QC - Katacombes (Album Release Show)

Track Listing:
1. Vae Victus (5:24)
2. Piercing The Veil (4:04)
3. Dead ov Night (4:55)
4. The Second Coming (7:13)
5. Mourning Wars (5:28)
6. Gnosis (4:37)
7. The Last Stand (6:01)
8. Astaroth (7:23)
9. Terminus Est (5:11)
Album length: 50:19

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