JONATHAN DAVIS: 'The World Is Just Absolutely Out Of Control' Monday September 16 2019, 6:30 AM
JONATHAN DAVIS: 'The World Is Just Absolutely Out Of Control'

In a brand new interview with NME , KORN frontman Jonathan Davis elaborated on his comment that his band is "far from done." He explained: "You know, this is a strange world right now. The world is just absolutely out of control. Donald fucking Trump is president! Think about that! I think that when I get up every morning and every morning I think, 'I might just go back to bed…' Back in the day, things were amazing. There was so much artistic freedom, record labels had money and you could do cool shit, bands were all over the radio and TV, everything felt so big and exciting and fresh, ideas were everywhere. It's just not like that anymore. And it's hard with metal because the world is just so fucking pussified right now. But I think the thing with KORN is we've always done what we've wanted to and never followed anyone else. I think we'll work out a way to make sense going forward. We're survivors. We transcend."

Asked where the light comes in his life, Davis , whose estranged wife Deven died in August 2018, said: "Being a father. From being someone who's gone through a lot of shit and come out the other side — as have many of my bandmates — who kids can look up to and take strength from. I want them to think, 'Hey, this motherfucker has fought through stuff. I think I can too…' That's why we keep doing KORN . It isn't about doing a job. It's about putting some light into people's lives. Be the change you want to see, y'know?"

KORN 's new studio album, "The Nothing" , arrived on September 13. It is the band's 13th studio offering and follows up 2016's "The Serenity Of Suffering" .

KORN and ALICE IN CHAINS recently completed a North American co-headlining amphitheater tour. KORN will play a string of "Ticket To Rock" shows over the course of the next few months.


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