Witches Of God Release Crushing New LP Into "The Heart Of Darkness" Listen Here! Sunday August 4 2019, 7:28 PM
Witches Of God Release Crushing New LP Into "The Heart Of Darkness" Listen Here!

Rising from the ragged ruins of misadventure comes a searing soundtrack of self-destruction in the form of
‘Into The Heart Of Darkness.’
The 3rd album by the Los Angeles based band, ‘Witches Of God.’
‘Into The Heart Of Darkness’ brazen riff-laden tuneage are surging sonic laments that defy traditions & blur boundaries. A haunting collection connecting tattered tales of psychic vampires, death wishes, deals with the devil, unruly urges, & more. Songs now living beyond the earthly confines of the body captured & mixed on analog tape & forever etched onto two HEAVY slabs of vinyl.
An invitation from ‘Thee Witches’ to traverse the tortured depths of depravity, ‘Into The Heart Of Darkness’ daring opening transmission, ‘Where Dreams Go To Die’ propels us on a 12-minute plus, 4-part journey, weaving a tapestry of ritualistic rhythms, primal pounding beats, scorching slide guitars & wailing woeful vocals thus instigating the debauched downward descent towards the annihilation of one’s self. ‘Into the Heart Of Darkness’ is an unrestrained trip spanning 13 ferociously feral tracks.
released July 31, 2019
Produced by Witches Of God & Samur Khouja
Recorded and mixed by Samur Khouja
at Seahorse Sound Studios in Los Angeles, California
Mastered by Joona Lukala for Noise For Fiction in Turku, Finland
Assistant Engineers: Alexi Calzatti, Carlos González, Alex DeGroot, & David Reichardt
Artwork, logo, layout, & design by Tom Neely & Kristina Kollantes
All songs written and performed by Witches Of God
© & ℗ Witches Of God (SOCAN) MMXVIII

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