Gaming for Metalheads Sunday June 16 2019, 7:59 PM
Gaming for Metalheads

Pinball machines and gambling are not the first things you may associate with metalheads. However, gaming has been in the background of the metal music scene and culture for a while, along with tattoos, motorcycles and other cool things. Online casinos, retro gaming bars, and other gaming hideouts offer many types of games that suit metalhead. From relatable characters to a relevant soundtrack, any metal fan can enjoy gaming while sticking to their other passion. Here are some of the best games for those who like to sit back with Slayer or mosh with Metallica .

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is the sixth of the series and the perfect game for metal fans but also music fans of similar genres. It offers gamers the chance to try out their own talents by practicing like the pros and giving their own live performance. Best enjoyed with friends, this is a social way to enjoy metal music and get involved.

Guns nā€™ Roses Slot Machine

Based entirely on the band that packs out stadiums and is loved by all metal fans, this Guns nā€™ Roses slot machine is the perfect choice for people who also like hitting the slots. This game is available at most well-known casinos and gives you good winning potential too. The symbols include images of the band members and a quality soundtrack with five of their biggest hits. It even offers many bonuses and special features!

Iron Maiden Pinball

One of the best games for metalheads is the series of Iron Maiden pinball machines. This British metal band embody the metal spirit and have inspired many different types of pinball machines. The most modern and best ones include a world of the band, symbols and of course an array of their favourite hits.


This dark fantasy game is one of the best for metal supporters. The name of the game means demon, which kind of summarises what this game is all about ā€“ dark and evil plots with fighting and gothic themes. The main goal of the player is to kill demons. Could it be any more death metal relatable? They have even brought a variation of the game out for smartphones, including both iOS and Android owners. If you like your gaming on the move, consider Diablo!

Try These Metal Games Out Now!

Above shows the power of metal music to make a presence in gaming but not just one area of gaming. From online casino slots to interactive games and pinball machines, you can find the ideal game for metal fans.

Despite what some onlookers may believe, heavy metal music incites feelings of joy rather than sadness or anger. It has even been verified in a psychological study and published in a leading peer-reviewed scientific journal. Playing these metal games will enhance the fun and enjoyment, so try them now and tell your other metal-loving friends!

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