Germany's LUCIFUGE premiere new track at Thursday March 2 2023, 6:18 PM
Germany's LUCIFUGE premiere new track at

Today, German rustic metallers Lucifuge  premiere the new track "Before the Altar of Famine and Desire" at heavily trafficked web-portal . The track is the second to be revealed from the band's highly anticipated fifth album, Monoliths of Wrath, set for international release on April 28th via Dying Victims Productions. Hear Lucifuge's "Before the Altar of Famine and Desire" in its entirety exclusively HERE .

Since 2016, Germany’s have been steadily perfect an addicting style of blackened speed metalpunk, all guided by the iron fist of mainman Equinox. Come 2021’s fourth full-length Infernal Power, Equinox expanded Lucifuge to a full lineup, and it paid off in spades: the band’s first album under the banner of Dying Victims capped this signature sound with power and aplomb, exuding a new professionalism that somehow sounded dirtier than ever.

And as forecasted last year by their short ‘n’ sweet split with Italian comrades Bunker 66, Lucifuge continue to spit-shine that sound with Monoliths of Wrath. Immediately upon pressing “play” on this fifth full-length, it becomes clear that Equinox and crew are taking their sound in a newer but no-less-parallel direction. Unapologetically more technical than their more idiomatic “metalpunk” past, Lucifuge’s latest LP is not lacking for speed – in fact, it’s FASTER – but this much-more-directly thrash-oriented record takes sonic cues from classic Sodom, Kreator, Exodus, and of course Slayer. Thankfully, we’re still entrenched in the ‘80s here, but more accurately 1987 rather than 1984. Likewise, the evil, blasphemic, and anti-religious themes are retained throughout the whole record, but Monoliths of Wrath sees Lucifuge integrating some almost-atmospheric black metal passages in between. So, while it definitely follows from the aforementioned full-length and split, Monoliths of Wrath involves much more complex song structures overall, which are given maximum power through the production: full-bodied and “pro” but hardly soft, Lucifuge’s first foray into a proper recording studio (rather than the practice room) makes a huge difference in highlighting their new dynamics and tempo variation. Oh, and did we mention the BREAKDOWNS? Seriously, this is a timewarp to ‘87, in the best possible way!

So, a blast from the past, but differently: Lucifuge have truly nailed their own sound and direction with Monoliths of Wrath.

Hear for yourself with the brand-new track "Before the Altar of Famine and Desire" exclusively HERE , courtesy of Also hear the previously revealed "From Cosmos to Chaos" exclusively HERE , courtesy of Deaf Forever magazine.

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