Vhäldemar - "Howling at the Moon" Saturday April 8 2017, 4:53 PM
Vhäldemar - "Howling at the Moon"

As previously announced, Spanish heavy metal band Vhäldemar are about to release a limited digipack EP containing three songs from their upcoming fifth album, Against All Kings, to be released October 2017 through Fighter Records.

Entitled Old King's Visions, this new EP is an appetizer directed only to the most diehard fans of the band. Only 600 copies made and containing five songs, this is destined to be a collector's item in no time!

Vhäldemar are currently working on a video-clip of the song "1366 (Old King's Visions Part V)," which is expected by the end of April, just a few days before the release of this EP, scheduled for May 4th and whose presentation will happen at Bilborock in Bilbao on May 12th. All this will preceded by a reissue of their two first albums Fight to the End + I Made my Own Hell on a 2-CD, also through Fighter Records, on April 21st.

In the meantime, listen to an advance song entitled "Howling at the Moon" exclusively HERE


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