Incursion - The Hunter (E.P.) - Reviewed By All Around Metal! Sunday November 22 2020, 11:58 AM
Incursion - The Hunter (E.P.) - Reviewed By All Around Metal!

Incursion - The Hunter (E.P.) - Reviewed By All Around Metal! Check it out here at this link:,-pogo-and-sudore

Well, I must say that - every now and then - there is pure and uncontaminated metal. With Incursion you can breathe deeply that healthy and honest superclassic heavy metal of the old days. Also because, actually, this combo was born in 1982 in the very sunny Florida where, after the usual, very tough apprenticeship, he forged a first demo marked 1985 (with only three pieces namely "Vengeance", "Tell Me the Truth" and " Crown of Thorns ") and then literally dissolve into thin air to this day. And perhaps this was a good thing, because - listening to their work - it seems that time has stopped for our "five horsemen": they are muscular, essential and without many frills,dedicated to a heavy metal so dear to those who just can't ignore the combination of Iron Maiden / Metallica (the label is also called No Remorse ...) of those who need metal like air to breathe!

The intro already recalls the old glories of "Am I Evil" by Diamond Head, subsequently revived by the four horsemen of San Francisco with a cover delivered to the legend of our beloved genre. The other tracks offend with efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in adrenalinic but melodic at the right point, inlaid with absolutely not bad solos played on rhythmic steamroller carpets. An effort that certainly evokes the grandeur of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, skilfully mixing it with the canons of the Bay Area's sound (without ever trespassing into thrash metal) while maintaining a perfect balance between dynamism and sound power.

Too bad they are only four songs (plus intro and outro), because we would like to prolong the headbanging very willingly ... we hope that soon (and certainly not in another 35 years ... !!!) this band will come back to propose its honest and massive metal , all pogo and sweat.

Incursion - "The Hunter"
Label: No Remorse Records Release: TBD
Incursion - "The Hunter"

"The Hunter" is Incursion's debut EP, a US band originally active between 1982 and 1986, which returned its activity back in 2018. Ready to assault you with their New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, Incursion are set to release "The Hunter" on CD and vinyl this fall.


Incursion has reunited and burst onto the traditional Heavy Metal scene. The band has released their debut six-song EP – The Hunter – on No Remorse Records. Incursion consists of original members Maxx Havick and Michael Lashinsky on guitars with Buddy Norris on drums. The lineup is completed by Stone Jamess on bass and Steve Samson on lead vocals.

The Miami, FL based band was active from 1982-1986 and did not have a formal release outside a locally produced cassette compilation of Florida Hardcore and metal bands in 1985. In 2018 the three original members got back together with the intent of finally performing and recording their wealth of material. Recruiting Steve and then Stone made the band complete and ready to present the music as it was intended. The Hunter is a concept EP. The Hunter – born in a war-torn land and destined to fight for survival since birth, faced all adversaries, man and beast alike. He mastered his inner demons through faith, battle and revenge. The Hunter’s blade led him through chaos to his final struggle with the false king. In his quest to become the King of All the Land, The Hunter’s journey is ageless, but almost forgotten.

The Hunter EP was recorded at Alpaca Ranch Recording by Chris Short ( Alestorm ). It was mixed by Jorg Uken
at Soundlodge Studios ( Anvil, Savage Blood, Powergame ). The Artwork was created by famed artist Phil Lawvere ( Celtic Frost, Kreator, Hirax ). The alliance with No Remorse will increase the interest in The Hunter EP
and Incursion look forward to delivering their first full length album in 2021.

Recorded at Alpaca Ranch Studios (Winter Park, FL).
Additional recordings at Samson Pro Studios (Nashville, TN) and Daylight Studios (Nashville, TN).
Mixed by Jorg Uken at Soundlodge Recording Studio (Rhauderfehn, Germany).
Mastered by Jorg Uken
Engineered by Chris Short.

I. The Hunter: Prologue
II. Warrior Of Destruction
III. Guiding Faith
IV. Fade To Black
V. Kingdom Of The Dead
VI. The Hunter: King Of All The Land

Steve Samson - Vocals
Maxx Havick - Guitars
Michael Lashinsky - Guitars
Stone Jamess - Bass
Buddy Norris - Drums


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