Free Download - FuzzHeavy Sampler - July 2018 by FuzzHeavy (FSL) Monday January 28 2019, 9:44 PM
Free Download - FuzzHeavy Sampler - July 2018 by FuzzHeavy (FSL)

The monthly samplers put out by The FuzzHeavy Podcast are just a small representation of the many artists we play and feature on the show.

This compilation is being made available at no cost, as a way of introducing some of today's amazing fuzz artists to potential new fans. Of course, if you like what you hear, we strongly encourage you to support the artist(s) directly, by picking up the full album - or better yet, a physical copy or other merch if available.

It is great love and respect for the music and the artists who create it, that drives us to do what we do at FuzzHeavy. So if you feel moved to toss a buck or two our way, as a show of support, we certainly won't discourage you from doing so. But if you want a steal of a deal, checkout our FuzzHeavy Support Legion (FSL) membership! I guarantee you won't find anything like it on iTunes :)

10% of ALL money brought in by FuzzHeavy, goes to various charities working to support Mental Health Issues, Depression Awareness, and Suicide Prevention - all of which have directly effected my family, friends, and many people involved in the Heavy Underground music scene.

Super huge thanks go to the awesome artists on this sampler, for without their support and encouragement, it would not have been possible.

Thank you for your interest and support for Heavy Underground music!
- Marcus Greybeard
released July 31, 2018

The FuzzHeavy Podcast posts daily episodes, Monday-Friday, bringing our audience music and interviews from both the classic and modern eras of stoner, desert, doom, heavy blues/psych, garage, 70's retro, grunge, sludge, space, and fuzz rock.

All FuzzHeavy episodes are free to download from our website at Episodes can also be downloaded from iTunes, and streamed on MixCloud.

FuzzHeavy also has it's own 24/7 Online Radio Station featuring Killer Sounds From The Heavy Underground! Podcasts are limited in how many artists we can reasonably play each episode, so our online station allows us to feature a far larger number of amazing artists. Give us a listen at

The FuzzHeavy Podcast can also be heard M-F on Fuzz FM, 24/7 online Stoner Rock Radio.

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