AXL CRITICIZES PROTESTERS Tuesday May 5 2020, 12:47 AM

GUNS N' ROSES   singer   Axl Rose   has apparently taken issue with protesters who have flooded some of California's cities to demonstrate against   Governor Gavin Newsom 's order closing Orange County beaches to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

On Thursday (April 30),   Newsom   called for the beaches to be closed, saying that it's too soon to lift the state's stay-at-home order. A short time later, two lawsuits were filed by the cities of Huntington Beach and Dana Point; the Orange County Sheriff said he will not enforce the order; and hundreds of protesters flooded the city of Huntington Beach to demonstrate against the action.

On Saturday (May 2),   Rose   took to his   Twitter   to write: "Q: If the Sheriffs can choose not to enforce the beach closures can the hospitals 'choose' not to admit any possible Covid-19 suspected beach goers? Just askin'..."

There were 145 new coronavirus cases and one new death in Orange County on Thursday, bringing the county's total to 2,393 confirmed cases and 45 deaths.

Newsom 's order was issued after crowds packed the coastline last weekend in defiance of the need for social distancing amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday (May 1), around 2,500-3,000 people gathered near the Huntington Beach pier, with most people not wearing protective masks, to voice their disapproval of the state's stay-at-home mandate. The protesters held signs proclaiming, "All jobs are essential" and "My freedom is essential," as well as "Open our businesses, stand up for our rights as Americans" and "The shutdown is killing us, open our state now."

Via Blabbermouth

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