Cadaverette - We Are Everything But​.​.​.​Not Anything - Reviewed By metal-division-magazine! Tuesday May 9 2023, 7:08 PM
Cadaverette - We Are Everything But​.​.​.​Not Anything - Reviewed By metal-division-magazine!

Cadaverette - We Are Everything But​.​.​.​Not Anything - Reviewed By metal-division-magazine ! Check it out here at this link:

What a release! This album offers an interesting definition of the term "heavy music". August West yells her hate, anger and aggression at you in hardcore manner and the very fat and deeply mixed music alternates between groove and clumsiness and tempo. The drummer has his shooting gallery under control and for once there is nothing to complain about the sound of this instrument. This is joined by the hoarse screaming typical of the genre in hardcore and it is moshed until your socks smoke. CADAVERETTE definitely have their appeal. They have a knack for songs that go straight to the legs and ears and musically they are consistently on a high level. metal-division-magazine

Release Date: November 28, 2022

FFO: Converge, The Dreaming Era Kate Bush, Deftones

Location: Portland, Maine

Hailed as an “unspeakably heavy quartet (SPACE GALLERY)" Maine band Cadaverette has built a reputation based on the sheer power of their live sets throughout New England since 2016. Cadaverette’s sound is blend of technical, controlled chaos and tension with atmospheric melodic groove. Guitarist Logan Abbey’s punishing, heavy mixture of punk,noise,and even jazz influenced guitar provides the base from which singer August West springs a medley of ethereal vocals and demonic roars. Recent additions and veteran Maine musicians Ian Riley (bass) and Dan Capaldi (drums) form a tight undergirding rhythm section. Their third full length release, “We are Everything but… Not Anything”, produced by drummer Dan Capaldi, mixed by Kurt Ballou of GodCity Studios, and mastered at Gateway Studios is set to be released in fall of 2022. 

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