Enfold Darkness Featured Interview And Zach Moonshine Begins The Year Of Devastation! Saturday January 5 2019, 2:40 PM
Enfold Darkness Featured Interview And Zach Moonshine Begins The Year Of Devastation!

Enfold Darkness joins us for a live Q&A with fans and listeners! We talk about touring plans, the new album, recording processes and we also talk about the tragic loss of bass player Todd Honeycutt , who committed suicide in 2017.
This episode features brand new music from Festerday, Hecate Enthroned, Malamorte, Ulvdalir, Perverticon, Graves (Portugal), and Barshasketh!

Track list

1 - Blood Magick Necromance - Belphegor
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro: Talking about Topeka Fest & G13 IPA 420 Strain
3 - The Last Night Of The Earth, Edible Excrement, Tongues For Rotten Kisses - FESTERDAY
4 - Bullshitting On Air about how bad ass Festerday is!
5 - Temples That Breathe - Hecate Enthroned
6 - Antichrist - Malamorte
7 - Swords of Belial - Ulvdalir
8 - Divine Amusement for Pitiless Gods - Perverticon
9 - Bullshitting On Air about the massive shits i take when i drink beers.
10 - I am Fire I am Death - Graves (Portugal)
11 - Enfold Darkness Interview featuring Lairs of the Ascended Masters & Our Cursed Rapture
12 - Resolve - Barshasketh
13 - M.D.M - Necrotion
14 - Everything Sucks - The Flesh Hammers
15 - Dream No More, Devil's Dance, So What - Metallica
16 - Bullshitting On Air: Jaaaayaaa talking about the telepathic request of Megan to Metallica and calling Vicky live to talk about BLS!
17 - In This River (Doom Troopin' Live), Suffering Overdue, Bridge To Cross - Black Label Society

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