New Promo: WARRIOR - Instruments of Death - (Black/Death Metal) Monday December 20 2021, 10:45 AM
New Promo: WARRIOR - Instruments of Death - (Black/Death Metal)

Release Date: December 17th, 2021

FFO: Archgoat, Satanic Warmaster, Blood Chalice

Location: Sweden

WARRIOR was formed in 2019, in southern Sweden, and consists of 2 band members Krieghammer and Berzerker. Being a black metal band, we stand upon the shoulders of giants such as Bathory, Tormentor and Dissection just to name a few. Finding ourselves in a time where change, and perhaps degradation, is taking place at an ever-accelerating pace - WARRIOR seeks to capture and fortify the essence of black metal, the way we see it. Keeping alive, for yet some time, the dying flame that is today's black metal scene, we offer ourselves as fuel to this fire. We make music that on a personal level is spiritual yet deals with whatever theme that may inspire us. We create, through our music and the energy we infuse it with, something that will last in this world when we ourselves are gone. Upholding values and principles of bygone times, WARRIOR deals a crippling strike to all things weak and false. We raise our blood-filled cups to Chaos, to Death!

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