First edition of Roadie Metal Festival Online will be held on October 3rd with 14 bands Saturday September 26 2020, 1:59 PM
First edition of Roadie Metal Festival Online  will be held on October 3rd with 14 bands

Here comes the first edition of Roadie Metal Online Festival, which prepares an odyssey of great names in national Rock / Blues / Metal. This way, the audience will check the best of excellent Brazilian names in authentic and unpublished versions.


With several festivals going around, the creative core of Roadie Metal sought to present a proposal unlike anything that is being created and disseminated today.

With 14 bands confirmed at this online festival, fans, in addition to checking out an authorial song from each group, will also check out a tribute version to a great name from world Heavy Metal, where the band chose and recorded their version.


Another big difference is that after the presentation that will be performed live on October 3rd on Roadie Metal's official YouTube, on October 4th it will be available on all digital platforms, the songs in full from the artists who participated in the live.


The "Roadie Metal Festival Online I" will consist exclusively of bands advised by the company, which has been standing out as one of the largest in the country and soon, a second edition will be properly presented to fans from the vehicle and from the bands.


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Check below what you will see at the Roadie Metal festival:


Brutallian – Love Is All Around the World

Tribute to Black Sabbath


Drowned – Hate Is The Greater Thing To Fell

Tribute to AC/DC


Darchitect – Blasphemus

Tribute to Venom


Stone Age A.D. – Akhenaton

Tribute to Led Zeppelin


Inanimalia – Butterfly

Tribute to Arch Enemy


Heretic – Tenderness

Tribute to INXS


Acorde 7 -  Cigarrete Lover

Tribute to Buddy Guy


Zethae – Here I Am

Tribute to Black Sabbath


Satanjinhos – Apenas Mais um Besteirol Americano

Tribute to Power Rangers


Toten – Pandemia

Tribute to Yngwie Malmsteen


Insanidade – Hello Suckers

Tribute to Dead Boys


One Thousand Dead – One Thousand Dead

Tribute to Sepultura


We are waiting for you at our festival!


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