REDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS are offering some free downloads for the holidays! Sunday December 23 2018, 10:23 AM
REDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS are offering some free downloads for the holidays!

All at NAME YOUR OWN PRICE for your enjoyment :

1) Wretched Fate - Demoed in Flesh
2 song digitally only demo acts as a teaser for the bands upcoming full length, Fleshletting, out early in 2019. Do any of you miss classic BLOODBATH - Swanö, Tägtgren, or Ålerfeldt era? These Swedes make you remember everything you lived about those classic albums and leave you wanting more! There’s even a Bloobath cover to be had...
Fans of Bloodbath, Aeon, Entrails and Cannibal Corpse

2) Sunset Forsaken - Chameleon Waters
This 5 song EP will remind you of the golden years of Death/Doom pioneers like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride with sprinkles of newcomers like Swallow the Sun and Daylight Dies. Really solid debut EP that I think will surprise a lot of folks.

3) Angel Morgue - Angel Morgue EP
Filthy blasphemous vile Death Metal from New Hampshire. These fiends invoke the evil tonality of bands like Immolation and Incantation and do it well——really well!

4) In Shadows and Dust - Enlightened By Darkness
Heavily relying on the ol’ Boss HM-2, ISAD are an interesting combination of early Necrophobic or Naglar, mixed with early In Flames or Dismember.

5) Create A Kill - Summoned To Rise
Death Thrash mania crafted by Gus Rios (Gruesome/ex-Malevolent Creation) and Alex Marquez (ex-Malevolent Creation/Solstice). Tons of guests here including Matt Harvey, Dirk Verbeuren, and Daniel Gonzales.

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