Gravehuffer - Your Fault - Review Saturday February 4 2017, 3:03 PM
Gravehuffer - Your Fault - Review

Gravehuffer – Your Fault  

This fucking record opens up with the sounds of a coffin cracking open and nothing could be better to match the crusty corpse like sound of this record. Its filthy but a good filthy, like when they told me it was recorded in a shack? I picture the cabin in the movie Evil Dead, but with really good old vintage analog equipment. The drums sound real and not over processed , the guitars are crunchy, heavy and in your face, the bass is dirty and stinky like you would imagine Cliff Burtons socks to be and the vocals sound like a raging Viking in full on berserker mode, standing on top of a pile of mutilated bodies in the middle of an ancient battle scene, yelling at the top of his lungs with his hand up in the air, holding the decapitated heads of his victims. With so many different influences mixing up this record, the best thing I can say to describe it is fans of D.R.I. and Neurosis will be in heaven.  

So the next time you decide to go on a gravedigging rampage through an ancient cemetery looking for decayed corpses to huff the stench from while you masturbate profusely, pick this record up as it will be th e perfect soundtrack to your adventures!



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