Retched - Featured Interview 2021 - The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday March 6 2021, 10:06 AM
Retched - Featured Interview 2021 - The Zach Moonshine Show

"David DerMinasian" from 'Retched' joins The Zach Moonshine Show to to talk about the new album "Horrific"! We take questions from the live audience and we play the new track 'Horrific'! We also play new releases from COFFIN MULCH, AXEWITCH, The Velvet SuperSloths, Misanthropik Torment, Carnal Savagery, Dope Skum, Motherfaster, Carach Angren, Blacklist, MANILLA ROAD, WOLFHEART, Grizzle, Karma Violens, Clouds Taste Satanic, Lebensnacht, Feminazgul, Morbid Death, Morpheus, Neptune Rain, Renaissance Rock Orchestra, Splinetic, Hellz Abyss, HellRastrU, Dead Soul Revival, and Dvne. We also play some classics by request from Rock N Roll Villain Society, Ol Sonuf, Six Feet Under, Slayer, helmet, and Prong!

Track List:

1 - Septic Funeral/Black Liquifaction/Live Again - COFFIN MULCH
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Violator - AXEWITCH
4 - Dead Red Moon - The Velvet SuperSloths
5 - Love Your Enemy/Space Wolf/Sixth Sense - Rock N Roll Villain Society
6 - PURGE/Misanthropik-Mind - Misanthropik Torment
7 - Retched Interview featuring Black Leather And Me/HORRIFIC
8 - The Fires of Walpurgisnacht - Ol Sonuf
9 - Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane - Six Feet Under
10 - Embalmed Corpses - Carnal Savagery
11 - Mountain Cur - Dope Skum
12 - Snitches get stitches (I smell a rat) - Motherfaster
13 - Franckensteina Strataemontanus - Carach Angren
14 - War Ensemble - Slayer
15 - In the meantime - helmet
16 - Blood On The Sand - Blacklist
17 - Snap Your Fingers - Prong
18 - Gateway to the Sphere - MANILLA ROAD
19 - Skull Soldiers - WOLFHEART
20 - Fascism - Grizzle
21 - THE OBSERVER - Karma Violens
22 - If You Doom Me Now v2 - Clouds Taste Satanic
23 - Ravens Flight Over Northland - Lebensnacht
24 - The Rot in the Field is Holy - Feminazgul
25 - TO ESCAPE - Morbid Death
26 - Nights to Remember - Morpheus
27 - All Pain no Gain - Neptune Rain
28 - In My Lovin Arms - Renaissance Rock Orchestra
29 - Editorialize - Splinetic
30 - Kill the real girls - Hellz Abyss
31 - Bird Eyes - HellRastrU
32 - Black Roses - Dead Soul Revival
33 - Towers - Dvne

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Retched is a solo band by David DerMinasian. Retched plays Old School Thrash Metal.

He is originally from Del Rey, CA ., a small farming town in Fresno County California . He has recently completed his home studio and is currently working on his new single called " HORRIFIC "! The new single will be available on all digital platforms by the end of 2020 or soon after that. It is also the title track of his next full length album to be released on CD and Vinyl later next year in 2022! Of course in these uncertain times it could take longer.

Retched has come back to the scene after 30 years of being gone and released an older EP called: 

" The Overlord Messiah "

It is a " True Metal "  EP recorded in 1988 by his first band called " AVATAR " but was never released till 2017. He is still hoping his old band mates will contact him so he can get them on board for " The Overlord Messiah " EP. It can be found here:  and on all the links here on his page:

"It was a very awesome experience that the Metal communities around the world have welcomed me back to the scenes after all these years." - David DerMinasian

This release was abandoned since 1988 all these years sitting in a drawer in his house for near 30 years! All the while he would take it out every 5 to 10 years and spin it a few times then put it away wishing he could have released it to the world.

After he decided to come back to the scene and write music again he started his journey to put his new music together. It took a few years till he was realistically able to get to this point but in the meantime he released this record of his old band while he brings you his newest work: " HORRIFIC "

He first released  " The Overlord Messiah " on Bandcamp then about 40 days later he had 3 record label offers! He chose a limited run with Alone Records in Greece

Now he is an Independent artist with CD Baby .

"This only proves one thing, YOU CAN'T KILL THE METAL" - David DerMinasian

Check out the video on YouTube:

Check out Retched and add them to your playlists on Spotify:

Follow the band at these Social media links below:

Streaming and downloads below: 


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