Legendary Spanish heavy metal band VIUDA NEGRA sign with FIGHTER RECORDS Tuesday November 27 2018, 9:12 PM
Legendary Spanish heavy metal band VIUDA NEGRA sign with FIGHTER RECORDS

Fighter Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of Vidua Negra, one of Spain's most legendary heavy metal bands, for the release of their long-awaited debut album, which will come in form of a double-CD containing the same album, but sung in Spanish on CD1 and sung in English on CD2.

Vidua Negra was formed back in 1982 and released two demos ('84 & '86) and a 7" EP entitled Colgar los Hábitos in '85. Then in 1987, they changed their moniker into Desire, following a more hard rock style, but that's another story. The current Vidua Negra lineup consists of three of the original members: Javier Gómez (guitar), Xavi Gómez (drums) and José Tomás (bass), with the recent addition of vocalist Damián Chicano Ruiz (Evil Hunter, Chicanos).

Vidua Negra released a CD earlier this year containing all their '80s recordings, and during this same year, they started the recording process of 12 old classic tunes, which will please every lover of good old heavy metal featuring outstanding guitar work, killer riffs and melodies, with the awesome vocal performance of Damián Chicano of Evil Hunter, also a Fighter Records band.

The band is actually finishing the recordings of their still-unnamed debut album for a release initially planned for March 2019. In the meantime, you can listen to a song from their 1985 EP HERE.


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