New Promo: Adro The Toxic Waste - Crystallized (Single) - (Alternative Metal, Grunge) Wednesday February 7 2024, 3:43 PM
New Promo: Adro The Toxic Waste - Crystallized (Single) - (Alternative Metal, Grunge)

Release Date - 02/11/2023

FFO: Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Misfits

Location - Brighton, United Kingdom


Adro The Toxic Waste Unveils Electrifying New Single "Crystallized"

Prepare to be blown away as Adro The Toxic Waste, the enigmatic guitarist hailing from Italy and currently based in Brighton, United Kingdom, releases his electrifying new single, "Crystallized." Set to drop on February 11, 2023, this dynamic track promises to shake up the alternative metal and grunge scenes with its unique blend of old-school metalcore, industrial metal synths, and gritty vocals.

"Crystallized" marks a bold departure from Adro The Toxic Waste's previous material, showcasing a fresh sound that pushes the boundaries of his musical experimentation. With influences ranging from Rage Against The Machine to Nirvana and Misfits, this single combines hard-hitting riffs, atmospheric synths, and raw, grungy vocals to create a sonic experience that is both captivating and exhilarating.

Adro The Toxic Waste, also known as Adro, describes the single as a culmination of his journey as a musician, stating, "We tried to upgrade our sound in terms of technique, songwriting, and recordings, and here is the result. Hopefully, an enjoyable track out of our journey as musicians!"

Having honed his skills across various genres and styles since the age of 14, Adro brings a wealth of musical experience to his solo project. With "Crystallized," he pushes the boundaries of his creativity, challenging himself to think outside the box and serve the song in the best possible way.

"I am Adro The Toxic Waste, and I come from Italy. I have been living in the UK since 2013, and I am a guitarist based in Brighton and Hove, England," says Adro, introducing himself and sharing his musical journey. "Putting on my solo project, for fun, I started experimenting with various solutions and challenge myself to think out of the box, to serve the song better."

"Crystallized" is a testament to Adro's passion for music and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the alternative metal and grunge genres. Fans of hard-hitting, genre-defying music won't want to miss this electrifying release.

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