SNIDER: MASS SHOOTERS ARE 'COWARDS' Saturday November 24 2018, 3:13 PM

Dee Snider has slammed the recent spate of mass shooters as "pathetic, miserable pussies and cowards" who don't have the "balls to at least confront somebody who has a chance of fighting back."

The number of mass shootings around the United States of America in 2018 has risen above 300 so far.

According to data from the Gun Violence Archive , a total of 314 mass shootings have occurred as of November 19, including last month's incident when a gunman killed 11 people and injured six others in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Snider addressed attacks by mass shooters during a recent episode of his "I Wanna Talk" podcast. The TWISTED SISTER frontman said (see video below): "Why is it that these pussies — there's one of those non-P.C. words, but that's the word that we call 'em — these wimps, these cowards, armed to the teeth with body armor — so they're fully protected, why do these pieces of shit never storm a police station, never a military station. Somebody will say, 'What about Fort Hood?' Okay. With rare, rare, rare exception, they never attack a gun shop or a gun show. They always go for the weakest, most defenseless people with no hope or preparation and no chance of protecting themselves. Armed to the teeth and with body armor. What? 'Cause somebody might throw a prayer book at them?

"It is angering to me that these unhappy people — let's say that — unhappy, angry people are such cowards that they can't represent their frustrations and their violent opinions on an even playing field," he continued. "They can never make their stand some place where A) their point will be made, and B) the people they're trying to make the point with with the guns can actually defend themselves and fight back.

"And I don't have the answer — except that they are pathetic, miserable pussies and cowards. Not a man amongst them. Not a man. In my lifetime, real tough guys never wasted time with weak people — never wasted their time. You're really tough? You step in the ring with someone… your equal or better. That's a tough guy; that's a man; that's a badass.

"And you say, ' Dee , should you really be talking in terms of, like, 'Okay. So get your guns and get your body armor and then start shooting at people who have guns'?' Well, you know, I'd rather that. Of course, I don't want either situation at all — there's no reason for doing that — but be a fucking… And it's all men. And I know saying 'man enough' is not a P.C. term, but that's how I was raised, by a Korean War vet cop. Man the fuck up! That's what dad would say to me — probably with 'Nancy' at the end of it. 'Man the fuck up, Nancy.' Nah, my dad never used profanity, but he was tough.

"But, yeah, not just pathetic cowards — not a man amongst them," Snider added. "Have the fucking balls to at least confront somebody who has a chance of fighting back. It's like these hunters, and they're out there, who pay money to hunt animals that are in a controlled environment. The saying 'shooting fish in a barrel' — that's the saying — yeah, it's very easy to kill things when they're trapped and you're in a control position and they can't defend themselves. And that's what these shooters always do — it's always the weakest amongst us. I mean, God, in Pittsburgh, they shot two mentally challenged men and a 97-year-old woman. Dude, you're alive. I know you won't be watching this, but I hope somebody is saying [this to you]. Really, tough guy? A 97-year-old woman? Boy, you showed her. You showed us. You showed everybody how much you hate the Jews. You shot a 97-year-old woman — 97. You didn't charge in on an Israeli military, known to be one of the most lethal armies in the world. No — no, never. Would have gotten that whole Israeli military… they'd just snap your neck — your fat fucking neck. No, of course — you pussy.

"Pussy. Not a P.C. word, but that's what it is," Dee said. "That's what they said when I was a kid: pussy. Fucking pussy. You shot a 97-year-old woman. You shot two elderly mentally challenged people. You killed a couple of elderly people who were married for 62 years — married in the temple that they died together in. Boy, you're tough. You guys are such badasses. Such a badass."

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Snider 's latest solo album, "For The Love Of Metal" , was released in July via Napalm Records .

TWISTED SISTER called it quits in 2016 after completing a farewell 40th-anniversary tour. Via Blabbermouth

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