Radar Love Records is thrilled to announce the release of Canadian heavy rocker MIKE JB SKY's 4th single "Lonewolf". Monday October 22 2018, 8:34 AM
Radar Love Records is thrilled to announce the release of Canadian heavy rocker MIKE JB SKY's 4th single "Lonewolf".

RLR's own Writer / Producer Michael Hanson wanted to nail down "the big one"... something that was unforgettable ... but that had a strong dance factor on the bottom. The end result from Hanson and JB Sky was exactly that, and more!

Michael Hanson, 5 time Juno award winner and Glass Tiger drummer, who now operates his own label, Radar Love Records, found Mike JB Sky’s story so compelling and his music so richly orchestrated, written AND performed that he refused to allow a lack of money to get in the way of Mike JB Sky’s musical dreams.

Radar Love Records produced a five song EP for “future consideration”, and the music speaks for itself. Mike JB Sky, a self‐titled rocker, started out as a drummer and moved to lead guitar and vocals. He was an accomplished sessionist for years, but he dreamed of the day he could put his heart and soul into making his own music to share with the world.

In 2010 he started to do just that until his career was suddenly halted. Mike JB Sky was t‐boned in a horrific car accident. The accident left his right knee and right hand destroyed. He had broken 32 bones in his hand and after many surgeries doctors told Mike he would NEVER play music again.

To add to his suffering and misery, Mike was confined to wheelchairs and crutches for over a year to help support his limited mobility! For 4 years he endured severe depression, the inability to walk or use his hand while working through hand surgery and rigorous rehabilitation. Soon Mike could open and close his hand; within a year, he could strum a guitar for a complete hour.

By 2015, Mike JB Sky was finally able to start up his band and start performing. What Mike JB Sky achieved is nothing short of a miracle; the sheer will to never give up chasing his dream against all odds and now being able to perform on stage. Radar Love Records is proud and honored to be a part of Mike JB Skys journey. Please enjoy the music, watch the video just released of Stateside USA and once you’ve given it a few listens, I think you’ll believe in miracles just like we do! Keep it rocking...there is no quit in Mike JB Sky and there are plenty more great songs where these came from.

Michael Kensit

VP Radar Love Records

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