OBSIDIAN KINGDOM Streams Entire New Album via Prog Thursday September 24 2020, 6:17 PM
OBSIDIAN KINGDOM Streams Entire New Album via Prog

Barcelona's experimental rockers  OBSIDIAN KINGDOM  have partnered with Prog Magazine to stream their new album, 'MEAT MACHINE,' ahead of tomorrow's release! The record can be heard in full at  THIS LOCATION .
The album can still be ordered  HERE
The band comments: "The moment of truth has come! We wrote 'MEAT MACHINE' to find something within ourselves, but we did it for you. Not because we wanted to show you our insides, but rather to encourage you to undertake the same adventure. It is violent and disturbing, like cutting open a living thing; and also messy and painful, because we had to make up our surgical tools on the go. The results of the autopsy are thrilling, baffling and somewhat beautiful. Putting this together took a great deal of effort and suffering, and our trip wasn’t always funny. But we believe it was worth it, regardless of the outcome. So did we lose the plot, or have we discovered something new and exciting? Ride the machine and find out! "

'MEAT MACHINE' is a harsh sonic journey, abject and stentorian like a love letter from a school shooter. The perverse album is a rough drop into a nightmarish world of forbidden desires, frustrated sexual urges and the dark realms of the subconscious mind. The album art and track list can be found below.
Pre-orders for 'MEAT MACHINE' are now live  HERE .

The cover artwork was created by Ritxi Ostáriz And Elena Gallén and can be found below along with the tracklist.
unnamed 74.jpg
1. THE EDGE (3:58)
2. THE PUMP (4:24) ( WATCH )
3. MR PAN (5:38)
5. FLESH WORLD (6:15)
6. MEAT STAR (4:41) ( WATCH )
7. SPANKER (4:19)
8. VOGUE (3:42)
9. WOMB OF WIRE (5:17)
10. A FOE (5:26)
Total playing time: 48:01
Style:  Experimental Rock / Post-Metal
RIYL:  Scott Walker, Ulver, Deftones, Death Grips, Daughters, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More

“Proof that some of the best music does indeed elude easy classification" - POPMATTERS
OBSIDIAN KINGDOM  is devoted to exploring the boundaries of rock music. The Barcelonan band defies classification to this very day, drawing equally on progressive rock, post-metal, alternative and electronic music. However hard to pigeonhole, it remains consistent with delivering exciting artistry that never fails to surprise its audience.
Forever on a restless journey to find its true identity, the quintet has been dubbed “the masters of every genre” by Metal Injection. Featuring a heavy and intense sound with plenty of contrast, its main features are the ability to portray a wide range of emotions through the use of multiple sonic resources, a deep interest in aesthetics and the sombre quality of the lyrical topics.

‘MEAT MACHINE’ is an exercise in self-discovery, through a head-first plunge into the anxiety derived from sexual frustration, the absurd of reality and the inherent cruelty of a mechanized world. It is a demanding album that reads as an emotional roller-coaster, featuring an abrasive and overwhelming sound that draws equally from noise and art rock, post metal and late 90s alternative music.
Line-up Rider G Omega: Guitars, Vocals
Ojete Mordaza Ii: Drums, Beats
Om Rex Orale: Bass
Viral Vector Lips: Guitars, Vocals
Jade Riot Cul: Keyboards, Synths
Recording Studio & Sound Engineers:  Recorded and mixed at Ax Studios and Cal Pau Recordings in Barcelona during the summer of 2019
Producer/Sound engineer:  Produced by Jorge Mur. Co-produced by Mr Ax and Obsidian Kingdom
Mixing:  by Jorge Mur at Ax Studios
Mastering:  by Magnus Lindberg at Redmont Studios in Stockholm (SE)
Guest Musician: Jr Morgue - Microwave Sounds (‘Womb Of Wire’) And Bowed Guitars (‘A Foe’)
Cover art : Ritxi Ostáriz And Elena Gallén
Press-Kit https://presskit. season-of-mist.com/Obsidian_ Kingdom  
Pre-sales http://redirect.season-of- mist.com/OKMeatMachine  
Available formats: CD 
Double Gatefold Vinyl in various colours
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