New Promo: HITCH Announces New electrifying, hard-hitting Single "Moonshine"! Tuesday June 4 2024, 4:53 PM
New Promo: HITCH Announces New electrifying, hard-hitting Single "Moonshine"!

Release Date: July 2nd

Genre Description: Rock and Roll

FFO: Motorhead, Jackyl, Molly Hatchet, Grand Funk, 38 Special

    Location: Cut'n'Shoot, TX


HITCH Announces New electrifying, hard-hitting Single "Moonshine"!

The rock and roll/metal band HITCH is ready to bring the heat with their new single “Moonshine” out on July 2nd. Lovers of Motörhead, Jackyl, and 38 Special’s high octane, hard edged rock and roll are sure to lap up this latest release. 

HITCH is a band from Cut and Shoot, Texas, with four members that are motivated by the desire to play meaningful music. The band’s leader and founder Hitchhike has infused his life story into the songs which tell the story of a man overcoming his vices and his journeys. 

The band members include: 

Hitchhike: Hitchhike is the life of the band, and the band’s name and logo represent his past and his future. He is also a guitarist and the songwriter of many of the band’s touching songs. 

Yoshbane: The lead guitarist and screamo vocalist, Yoshbane is a very energetic person who is very much into music like his father. 

B-radd the Bass Giant: Born with music in his veins, B-radd’s passion and ability are evident in his first band, HITCH in which he plays bass with so much energy that is contagious. 

Redd: The youngest member, Redd began playing drums a decade after he first started playing the guitar. It was a great coincidence that he found the band through social media and thus formed a close bond of brothers and also brought out a new dimension to the music they produce. 

All of the members of HITCH are amateur musicians who learned to play instruments on their own; thus, their style complements the band’s heavy sound. As for the lyrics, Hitchhike is the author, whereas the music is written collectively, which helps to emphasize the personality of each participant. 

”Moonshine” will undoubtedly be a hit track that captures the feel of rock and roll with a metal touch that fans will love. Save the date for July 2nd and prepare for the real HITCH feeling, the true power of the band. 

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