GHOST: HELLO RELEASE NEW VIDEO Monday November 16 2020, 6:22 PM
The Beast

Stoner rockers GHOST:HELLO have released their video for "Suit Up". The song is from their upcoming split album with NIGHT GOAT.

Watch the video:  https:// thebeast/blog/10822/video- premiere-ghosthello-suit-up- fridaythe-13th-from-the-split- with-night-goat

Pre-order:  https:// interstellarsmokerecords1. hello-night-goat

About Ghost:Hello

Ghost:Hello is a synthed up stoner rock family affair from Northeast Ohio. Made up of  husband/wife duo Nina Skok and Will Jennings and their longtime friend Pat Delagrange, the all three have been playing in DIY bands for decades. (Recordings to date feature former drummer Joe Kidd.)  Bringing in all sorts of unorthodox elements into their fuzz rock assault, this three piece counterbalances stoner sludge with trip hop grooves. 

Following the release of their fall 2019 record The Sound of Color in Space, it seems like Ghost:Hello are set to take on bold new vistas. Having played around the Midwest since 2013, the local crowd is hungry for what they are about to deliver. A band who are no stranger to hard work, and who constantly push to innovate, Ghost:Hello are a breath of fresh air in a crowded scene!

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