Metal Devastation PR Clients Beltfed Weapon and Sabotage India Featured in Subtle Death Magazine! Wednesday May 8 2024, 3:08 PM
Metal Devastation PR Clients Beltfed Weapon and Sabotage India Featured in Subtle Death Magazine!


Metal Devastation PR Clients Beltfed Weapon and Sabotage India Featured in Subtle Death Magazine!

Metal Devastation PR is proud to announce that two clients, Beltfed Weapon and Sabotage India have been featured in Subtle Death Magazine issue #99, highlighting their groundbreaking contributions to the metal scene.

Sabotage India: Unleashing Thrash Metal Fury with Debut Album "Pishach"

Sabotage India, the quintessential thrash metal outfit hailing from the vibrant streets of Bassein, Mumbai, proudly announces the release of their highly anticipated debut album, "Pishach." Featured in Subtle Death Magazine issue #99, Sabotage India's latest release embodies the raw energy and uncompromising spirit of classic thrash metal drawing inspiration from iconic bands such as Metallica, Kreator, and Testament.

Established in 2017, Sabotage India channels the ferocity of the Bay Area thrash wave that emerged in the 1980s, infusing it with their own unique blend of old-school grit and modern expression. The band's dynamic sound is characterized by heavy riffs and incisive lyrics that delve into a wide range of themes, including sociopolitical issues, war, dystopian imagery, religion and even sleep paralysis.

Now, with the release of "Pishach," Sabotage India solidifies their position as a dynamic force in the global metal landscape. The album showcases the band's evolution and growth, delivering a relentless onslaught of thrash metal fury that is sure to ignite mosh pits and incite frenzied headbanging worldwide.

"With 'Pishach,' Sabotage India invites metal enthusiasts everywhere to join them on a journey through the depths of thrash metal madness," says a spokesperson for the band. "From blistering riffs to adrenaline-fueled rhythms 'Pishach' is a testament to the band's unwavering commitment to delivering uncompromising, no-holds-barred metal mayhem."

Beltfed Weapon: Darkened Demise EP Featuring All-Star Lineup

After releasing their third EP, the highly acclaimed "Raining Plague," in 2015, Seattle metal band Beltfed Weapon had a rough time locking down dedicated musicians. So, band founder and guitarist Frank Hetzel took matters into his own hands. Instead of wasting time auditioning new musicians he wrote a batch of songs on his own and then recruited an all-star lineup to work with for the new EP, "Darkened Demise."

A two-decade music business veteran, Hetzel has met and befriended some of the greatest artists from various subgenres of metal over the years. Members from bands as diverse as Morbid Angel, Exhorder, Into Eternity, Arch Enemy, Black Label Society, Testament and Heathen were excited to help bring his vision to life.

The EP features an impressive roster including Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy) and Kragen Lum (Exodus/Heathen) on lead guitars, Tim Aymar (Control Denied/Pharaoh) and Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel) on vocals, J.D. DeServio (Black Label Society), Jason Viebrooks (Exhorder), and Dagna Silesia on bass and Bryan Newberry (Into Eternity) on drums.

"Darkened Demise" is a multidimensional assault featuring clean vocals by Tim Aymar of Control Denied, thrash riffs, double-bass drumming, and prog/power metal rhythms. The EP is both skull-crushing and musically diverse, showcasing Hetzel's vision and the talents of his esteemed collaborators.

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