New Promo: Red Vinter Unleashes Doom/Death Fury with "We Built Our Own Death Machine" Monday March 25 2024, 1:57 PM
New Promo: Red Vinter Unleashes Doom/Death Fury with "We Built Our Own Death Machine"

Release Date: 12.27.23

FFO: Mammoth Storm, Trouble, Godflesh

Location: St. Paul, MN


Red Vinter Unleashes Doom/Death Fury with "We Built Our Own Death Machine"

Red Vinter, the formidable force hailing from the icy depths of St. Paul, Minnesota, announces the release of their latest demo, "We Built Our Own Death Machine," on December 27, 2023. With their unique blend of doom and death metal, Red Vinter delivers a sonic onslaught that leaves listeners spellbound.

Formed in the heart of the Minnesota winter, Red Vinter was forged by Mike Bullock (Ironchrist, Indestroy) and James Achilles. The duo's relentless pursuit of heavy, uncompromising music led them to recruit Ly Arboleda (Ride The Sun) to complete their lineup. Together, they craft a sound that blurs the lines between doom and death metal, pushing the boundaries of heavy music.

"We Built Our Own Death Machine" marks Red Vinter's debut release, showcasing their raw talent and musical prowess. The demo, written and recorded by Bullock and Achilles prior to Arboleda joining as the guitarist, captures the band's ferocious energy and uncompromising vision.

Drawing from their roots in the historic MD Doom and DC Death Metal scenes, Bullock's vocals and bass lines exude a sense of menace and power. Achilles' thunderous drumming provides a seismic foundation for the band's sound, while Arboleda's crushing yet infectious riffs add layers of intensity to their compositions.

Critics and industry insiders alike have praised Red Vinter's debut demo:

    "This is heavy as F@ck!" - Mark Adams, Deceased
    "Ultra heavy, industrial mix of metal and sludge." - Ed Farshtey, Rage of Armageddon
    "Grim and grimey." - Frank Rini, Internal Bleeding (via

"We Built Our Own Death Machine" is a testament to Red Vinter's uncompromising dedication to their craft and their relentless pursuit of heavy, atmospheric music.

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