Pantheon - Blood the Bible Bleeds - Reviewed By rockportaal! Thursday April 6 2023, 6:07 PM
Pantheon - Blood the Bible Bleeds - Reviewed By rockportaal!

Pantheon - Blood the Bible Bleeds - Reviewed By rockportaal ! Check it out here at this link:

Pantheon from Little Rocks, Arkansas makes a mix of Black/Death/Thrash metal. These veterans have already earned their spurs in music with bands such as Epoch Of Unlight, Fallen Empire and Tangled In Ruin. The debut Age Of Wolves dates from 2020 and was played gray here at home.

Where that same debut felt very raw, more balance has been found on the new album Empire In Ruin between the instruments on the one hand and the vocals on the other. These are more diverse than before and contain high screams in addition to the classic Death grunts. In addition to the vocals, BJ Cook also provides the melodic lead parts as on Man-Infestation . These are perfectly worked out and the foundation for this album. Partly because of this, Pantheon is not a 13-in-a-dozen band, but they really prove they can play.

Where the album starts mid-tempo, Absence Of Light is a bit more rousing and equipped with sharp, screeching vocals of a high level. The riff-based songs have a high groove content, which makes headbanging as usual. As is often the case with Death Metal, the songs Head On A Stick , Slit The Throat and Death Is In The Air (spoken by the well-known Jeffrey Dahmer) contain a short tape intro which provides a portion of comedy in between the aggression.

The songs on this album were nailed together by Donnie Larkan. (but has already been replaced by young Samoth Cook, son of the above vocalist) Mister shows that he has earned his place behind the drums. Effortlessly he rams through different tempos in succession.

9 tracks in different speeds and tempos alternate to create a great whole. Certainly Death Is In The Air and Absence Of Light are worth checking out.

Where I already enjoyed Age Of Wolves very much , this sequel pleases me even more. It is therefore mainly the clinical riffs and the diverse vocals that make this album fascinating. It sometimes lacks a bit of speed, but overall a great release and therefore a pleasant listen for fans within the extreme metal genre. Pantheon will most likely make their first crossing to Europe in 2024. More about this will follow later, but BJ Cook gives certainty that there will be at least 1 Dutch show on the program. One that I look forward to. I recommend my fellow metalheads to check it out too. rockportaal

Release Date: February 1st, 2022

FFO: Deicide, Slayer, Carcass

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas 

Pantheon features members from Arkansas Metal veterans Epoch of Unlight, Fallen Empire, Tangled in Ruin, Abandon the Artifice, and Splattered in Traffic. Playing old-school blackened death thrash metal with groove elements, Pantheon has quickly secured a diehard following breaking the trends in the Mid-South and Midwest Metal scene. Pantheon’s debut album “Age of Wolves” was released in July 2020 by Necrotic Records and continues to receive excellent reviews and was reissued in April 2021 on vinyl with distribution throughout Europe and the United States. Pantheon is preparing for major touring opportunities in 2023 with the release of the new album “Empire In Ruin”! Purchase the record at this link

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Pantheon is
B.J. Cook – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Buzzy Leistikow – Vocals, Guitar
Donnie Larkin – Drums
Jeremiah Baker – Bass  


2023-Empire In Ruin-CD (Necrotic Records)
2021 – Age of Wolves – Vinyl (Necrotic Records)
2020 – Age of Wolves – CD (Necrotic Records)  

Shared Stage with: 

Soulfly, Cavalera Experience, Lividity, Internal Suffering, Embalmer, 200 Stab wounds, Kombat, Escuela Grind, Crowbar, Vore, Seahag, Giant of the Mountain, Vesperian Sorrow, Tel Anorath, Evil Incarnate

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