Sathamel premiere their new playthrough video, 'Raise Flame From Ash', with No Clean Singing. Thursday May 7 2020, 12:22 PM
Sathamel premiere their new playthrough video, 'Raise Flame From Ash', with No Clean Singing.

The world may be in lockdown, in the grip of the corona virus, but things in the Sathamel lair are far from quiet. Surrounded by sigils of blood, faith and war, guitarist KVN has recorded a guitar playthrough video for the song 'Raise Flame From Ash', taken from the band's revered album, Horror Vacui. The video is available today, exclusively at the No Clean Singing site, so head there immediately and drink your fill of Sathamel's fire and fury.
https://www.nocleansinging. com/2020/05/07/an-ncs-video- premiere-sathamel-raise-flame- from-ash/

Not one to sit idly by while his comrade in arms lays down a barrage of riffs, vocalist KRUK has taken up his pen and written these words about the meanings behind the lyrics which adorn the blood and steel of 'Raise Flame From Ash'. You may be surprised by the emotions sealed within his venomous vocal exhortations...

"The lyrical concept behind 'Raise Flame from Ash' is very different compared to any other song on Horror Vacui. While every track on the album tackles topics such as depression, nihility, frustration or creative blocks, this song is the only window for hope in the concept. To begin, this is a love song. It was written for my girlfriend in its entirety, as it was a dare to see if I could write something like this in the style of death metal.
It was an interesting challenge and a bit of an ironic joke that our love song will have blast beats and guttural vocals. The writing process was also the least strenuous one. I find myself going over my lyrics countless times before I am happy to lock them in with the music, to make sure that they represent myself and the band in the best way possible. Yet, with this song the first draft was the last. I did not find anything I would like to change once it was done. The words and their context worked flawlessly together, along the sweet irony already mentioned. The song provided a medium for my sense of humour as well as for expression of my more positive feelings.
With the right context in mind, I think it is quite easy to cut out the metaphorical side of the text and understand the lyrics for what they are. They are a statement of what somebody who cares can do for you when you do not feel like doing anything for yourself. The reviving force of someone’s love and support for anything that you do despite the futility around all endeavours. The necromantic spells breathing life back into lungs. The breaking of the mould. The reconstruction after a failure.
In Britain, there is a slang phrase that goes like this: 'this boils my piss'. It means that something is very annoying, and thus it boils your piss. Because 'piss' would not do very well in a Sathamel song, I replaced 'piss' with 'blood'. 'Boil my blood' was the last lyrical piece of the full spectrum."

With these thoughts in mind, head to  No Clean Singing  and witness 'Raise Flame From Ash' brought to life by KVN.

Meanwhile, if you have yet to uncover the power and passion of Sathamel's Horror Vacui album, heed these words and rectify that failing as soon as humanly possible!

"...a staggering display of musical muscle and blood..." - ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE
"...simply brilliant and a must listen." - METAL TEMPLE
"...for any metalhead who has ever even remotely enjoyed black metal..." - THE HOUSE OF PROG

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