Is America Going Back To Jonestown? Friday September 28 2018, 9:18 AM
Is America Going Back To Jonestown?

Are we heading into another Jonestown? I got to tell you the yesterday at work i listened to all 5 episodes of this podcast dissecting the life of Jim Jones and how he rose to power, how Jonestown was created and how it eventually fell apart in a mass suicide or mass murder, depending on how you look at it.

Yes i am that obsessed with The Last Podcast On The Left and if you haven't heard it yet you really need to check it out! No it is not politically driven at all. They focus on serial killers, cult leaders and many other strange paranormal phenomena kind of like the x files was back in the day but even more informative as they really dig deep and do a lot of research into all the story's they dissect on the podcast. So for anyone interested in learning more about the darker side of life and humanity, this is the podcast for you! 

Listening to this particular episode series about Jim Jones, it really made me think about what is going on in America now! Socialism aside, i noticed a whole lot of things that really sound familiar.

When you step inside his mind and watch how he noticed at a young age to speak to the children younger than him that no one was paying attention too and the elderly that no one was paying attention too and how he realized how easy they were to manipulate! Just by being a voice to them and how happy it made them, they would basically do anything he wanted because they were soo happy someone was finally speaking to them.

He carried this same idea all the way into his adulthood where it manifested in him creating a full blown cult of followers in the thousands! He used religion to control people and get them to have faith and trust in him. He tried to control every aspect of everything they did. It became malevolent for sure with his hunger for power and the things he was doing to these people was horrible! (just listen to the full series on last podcast on the left and they go into gory details about everything he did)

But it was pretty much all consensual as they let him do it, they believed everything he said and if someone didn't believe, they would gang up on that person and make them believe... like any good cult right? I don't know maybe i am crazy, but if you have the time and are interested in such madness, check the whole thing out and let me know if it sounds familiar to a certain group of people today?

And of course i have to note one of my favorite songs about this cult by Decide from the debut album!

Lyrics: Sacramental ceremony People's temple of the holy Sepulcher for salvation Suicidal confirmation Forgive me father for I have sinned You will never sin again! [Chorus:] When we meet again it will be the promised land Death is in command to the victims of the plan In the temple of the damned Drink the blood, concentrate of death Congregation is dead [Lead - Eric] Carnage of the dead Mass cremations of the blessed Sermonizing fatal end In the temple of the damned [Chorus:] Homage of unknown, origin of Mr. Jones Of the final praise to the populated grave In the temple of saved Death awaits you, to escape is to die Carnage, blessed be the non-divine [Lead - Eric]

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