Places Around the Sun release new song "Rising Sun" Thursday September 17 2020, 12:00 AM
Places Around the Sun release new song "Rising Sun"

Portuguese heavy rock band  Places Around The Sun  have released their new single "Rising Sun" via Maximum Volume Music.

The band commented " The song marks the beginning of the final stage of the album's concept and continues the narratives of their first two singles - Lost I Am Found and Chasing Tails. Previously, there has been an uneasy sunset, a dark night and the unknown. Now, a relieving, bright "Rising Sun" takes place.

The acceptance of this process and the recognition that all things come and go set up the mood of "Rising Sun", comparing our paths with the sun's activity - in which the sun moves, allowing the moon to take place, but rises again every day. A cycle that keeps everything in motion and evolving.”

Listen to the song:  http://www. exclusive-places-around-the- sun-rising-sun/

Pre-order the album:  https:// placesaroundthesun.bandcamp. com/album/places-around-the- sun


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