Serpents Oath 'Purification Through Fire' - Featured At Metal Hammer! Friday November 10 2023, 9:10 AM
Serpents Oath 'Purification Through Fire' - Featured At Metal Hammer!

Serpents Oath 'Purification Through Fire' - Featured At Metal Hammer ! Check it out

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Following on from the intimidating onslaught of 'Blood Covenant', Belgian black metal force Serpents Oath present a second single from their hugely anticipated new album, Revelation. 'Purification Through Fire' is another blazing masterpiece of black metal that will decimate the unbelievers and thrill the true disciples of the dark!

Embrace the black now at the Odium Records YouTube channel:

Reflecting on the intensity of 'Purification Through Fire' the band commented: "This shows another side of the album with its full frontal assault. A no holds barred Black Metal Hymn that is filled to the brim with intensity.”
While in regard to the thematic of the song the band continued: “This song looks at the subject of fire from 3 different perspectives. If we look at it from a genesis perspective, we see it as the spark of life or the spark of an idea. From an apocalypse perspective, it is the all-consuming fire devouring everything in its path. From a resurrection perspective, it is the inner flame, the Black Flame of spiritual enlightenment when one finds the Source within oneself. In summary, it shows the transition of first nurturing your Inner Flame to eventually deploy it in order to devour everything that stands in your way with an all-consuming inferno!”

Pre-orders for the Revelation album are open now at: and 

The album will be released in following formats:

Wooden Box -limited to 50 copies,which contains die hard Red marble LP, digi pack cd, t-shirt (with an exclusive design for the box), pendant and patch.
Die hard LP - Red marble, heavy vinyl, gatefold, limited to 100 copies.
Black LP - heavy vinyl, gatefold
Digi pack cd - 6 panels with 12 pages booklet

Revelation will be set loose upon the world on November 24th, adorned in the stunning artwork of Nestor Avalos.


Serpents Oath is:
Baelus - Guitar
Daenum - Guitar
Draghul - Drums
Mørkald - Bass
Tes Re Oth - Vocals


Follow the band and label at these links:

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