Spotify Launches New Tool: Artists Can Pay to Be Featured on Home Screen Tuesday September 19 2023, 8:48 PM
Spotify Launches New Tool: Artists Can Pay to Be Featured on Home Screen

Stuck in a rut? Wanna slide into someone's homepage and playlist like I slide into the DM's of single mothers? In need of a new method of sharing your name with potential audiences? Spotify has got you covered with a new tool called "Showcase".

The company uncovered the tool in a blog post dated September 13th, also sharing the bulk of its' design - The buyer gains the option of choosing either a single track, an extended play, or even an album which will, upon selection, appear on the homepage of a specific, fitting demographic using the app, as a mobile banner.

Spotify promoted "Showcase" further in the blog post by mentioning the metrics running in the background tirelessly, processing info, and finally, reporting it to the customer: "Our reporting metrics measure how your campaigns are growing your audience and developing deeper fans over time. Whether your marketing goals include audience engagement, reactivation, or growth, Showcase reports measure the success of those goals by tracking how campaigns grew your amplified, reactivated, and new active listeners."

Spotify also mentioned their research showing an interesting correlation between streaming, saves, and playlist ads: "Showcase reporting can help you understand how listeners may intend to stream you in the long run by highlighting metrics live saves, playlist adds, and intent rate. Our research shows that saves and playlist adds correlate with a 2.5x increase in streaming of an artist six months later."

Read the blog post and learn more here .

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