MÖRK GRYNING Announces Four Reissues on Vinyl and CD Wednesday October 14 2020, 6:53 PM
MÖRK GRYNING Announces Four Reissues on Vinyl and CD

Legendary Swedish black metal formation  MÖRK GRYNING  will be reissuing four of their previous full-length albums in vinyl and digipak formats, including their seminal debut record. The following records will be available:

'Tusen år har gått…' (1995) - Out on November 27

'Return Fire (1997)' - Out on November 27

'Maelstrom Chaos (2001)' - Out on December 11

'Pieces Of Primal Expressionism (2003)' - Out on December 11

The reissues can be pre-ordered  HERE .
Moreover,  MÖRK GRYNING  will be releasing, 'Hinsides Vrede,' their first new new full-length since 2005! The album is due on on October 23 via Season of Mist, making it their debut to the label. The recently releases single, "A Glimpse of the Sky," can be heard at  THIS LOCATION .

Pre-sales for ‘Hinsides Vrede’ are available  HERE .

The cover artwork was created by C-G and can be viewed below along with the tracklist.
1. The Depths of Chinnereth (01:00)
2.  Fältherren  (03:37)
3. Existence in a Dream (03:12)
4.  Infernal  (03:41)
5.  A Glimpse of the Sky  (02:56)
6. Hinsides (01:25)
7. The Night (03:13)
8. Sleeping in the Embers (04:25)
9. For Those Departed (01:09)
10. Without Crown (04:29)
11. Black Spirit (04:36)
12. On the Elysian Fields (01:41)
After fifteen years of slumber, Swedish black metal cult MÖRK GRYNING have awakened to unleash their fury upon the masses with their deadly new album  Hinsides Vrede . Translating into “otherworldly wrath” or “wrath of the world beyond,”  Hinsides Vrede  represents the impending doom of a world coming undone at its seams. The quintet temper their deathly assault with their signature melodic edge, and with recall the halcyon days of Swedish extremity. The comeback of MÖRK GRYNING is complete, and  Hinsides Vrede  opens up a deadly new chapter in their evolving legacy.
Founded in 1993 in Stockholm,  MÖRK GRYNING  were among the incipient purveyors of the melodic black and death metal scene. In May 1995, founding members Goth Gorgon and Draakh Khimera entered the Unisound Studios to record their now legendary debut album  Tusen År Har Gått , produced by legend Dan Swanö (OPETH , DARK FUNERAL, DISSECTION , etc.) The haunting and melodic offering quickly gained attention among the cult of the underground, solidying their place among black metal’s clandestine elite.
The arrival of guitarist Avathar in 1999 further defined the band’s sound, adding further dimension with icy solos. The three-piece later traveled to famous Grieghallen Studios in Bergen, Norway to finish their third full-length,  Maelstrom Chaos,  which produced by Pytten (MAYHEM, BURZUM, EMPEROR).
In early 2003,  MÖRK GRYNING  entered the Dug Out Studio (MESHUGGAH, DEVIN TOWNSEND, IN FLAMES, DARK FUNERAL) with producers David Bergstrand and Örjan Örnkloo. Never shy to reinvent themselves, the aptly titled  Pieces of Primal Expressionism  reshaped the band entirely. The record put forth a daring grandiosity of dissonant harmony that had previously been unexplored in  MÖRK GRYNING ’s prior efforts.
By the time of the release of the band’s self-titled full-length in 2005,  MÖRK GRYNING  seemingly disbanded for good. Fans likely did not expect a second act after the band’s grand finale, however, the flames of chaos were reignited in 2017 when the band performed a rare and long-overdue anniversary set at Party San Open Air. Following appearances across Europe on the festival circuit, founding members Goth Gorgon, Draakh Kimera and Avatar reunited for real and  MÖRK GRYNING  signed a new deal with Season of Mist.
With  Hinsides Vrede MÖRK GRYNING  have rediscovered the synergy they had while writing their legendary debut record and have returned to their foundations. Yet, by striving to reinvent themselves with every record, the long-awaited comeback of the band is by no means a reiteration of a glorious musical past, but is still certain to appease both old and new fans alike.

Pre-sales:   https://redirect.season-of- mist.com/mork-gryning-vrede
Genre : Melodic black metal
Photographer:  Peter Wendin
Recording studio : Wing Studios, Sverker Widgren
Producer / sound engineer , mixing and mastering:  Wing Studios, Sverker Widgren
Line-up: Draakh Kimera – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Goth Gorgon – Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Avathar – Lead Guitar
Recording line-up: Draakh Kimera: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards
Goth Gorgon: Bass, Lead Guitar, Backing vocals, Lead vocals on “Black Spirit”, Keyboards
Avathar: Lead Guitar     
C-G: Drums on “Fältherren” & “Black Spirit”
Aeon: Backing Vocals, Piano on “For Those Departed” & “On The Elysian Fields”
Guest musicians: Laura Ute: Vocals on “Black Spirit”

Live members: C-G – Drums
Aeon – Keyboards

Press kit:  https://presskit.season-of- mist.com/Mork_Gryning/
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