Pantheon - Empire In Ruin - reviewed by thoseonceloyal! Wednesday September 13 2023, 3:11 PM
Pantheon - Empire In Ruin - reviewed by thoseonceloyal!

Pantheon - Empire In Ruin - reviewed by thoseonceloyal ! Check it out here at this link:

Review by Geary of War

If I said to you blackened death thrash you would be forgiven for thinking I was just naming genres I happen to know, however you would be wrong!! It is in fact the best way to describe Pantheon, a collection of seasoned metalheads from Arkansas who have released their second full length, ‘Empire in Ruin’ on Necrotic Records.

Assuming for a moment the album cover with a massive skull, bleak landscape and classic font were not enough of a giveaway then the morbidly hilarious entry to ‘Head on a Stick’ will make it clear. It is simple, filthy fun and a great way to start off. ‘Man-Infestation’ grabs your attention with a riff so filthy you might need a quick wash. It was made by headbangers, for head bangers, thick necks all round! Opening like a boulder falling down a hill and still gathering momentum, ‘Penetration of Maggots’ keeps up the frantic and enjoyable breakneck speed. The feel of thrash is strongest with the start of ‘Absence of Light’, at least musically if not with the primal roar which follows. ‘Slit the Throat’ is more than alright, alright, alright as it works its way furiously to the end after a McConnaughy quote. ‘Death in the Air’ features another quote setting the scene from a murderous mind, thankfully the only thing getting killed here are those previously mentioned neck muscles, I have barely stopped nodding my head as I write this, what would it be like seeing these guys shred a stage?!?

There are hints of Maiden in the closer, ‘Blood the Bible Bleeds’; of course this is significantly darker than Maiden but it shows a different side to the band and really encapsulates the feel of this album which is fun. I was smiling the whole time; this is an album made by guys who are having a blast and it is on show. I have played this a few times now and everytime I get a kick out of ‘Empire in Ruin’. I def y you not to as well. thoseonceloyal

Vinyl Release Date: 04/25/2023

FFO: Lamb of God, Carcass, Dismember 

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas 

Pantheon, features members from Arkansas Metal veterans Fallen Empire and Tangled in Ruin Playing old school blackened death thrash metal with groove elements, Pantheon has quickly secured a diehard following breaking the trends in the Mid-South Metal scene. Currently their debut album “Age of Wolves” released by Necrotic Records in July 2020, moderate success which gave Pantheon time to produce their second album “Empire In Ruin,” released February 1st, 2023, but also sees the addition of Samoth Cook on drums as well as the band parting ways with their original drummer. Album’s are currently available from their official label Necrotic Records worldwide! Currently seeking endorsement offers!

They have shared the stage with: Soulfly, Cavalera Experience, Lividity, Internal Suffering, Embalmer, 200 Stab wounds, Kombat, Escuela Grind, Crowbar, Vore, Seahag, Giant of the Mountain, Vesperian Sorrow, Tel Anorath, and Evil Incarnate!

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