New Promo: Luna In Sanguinem - FLU WORLD ORDER - (Death / Thrash Metal) Wednesday August 2 2023, 1:45 PM
New Promo: Luna In Sanguinem - FLU WORLD ORDER - (Death / Thrash Metal)

Release Date: August 5, 2023

FFO: Unleashed, Fear Factory, Justice era Metallica

Location: Gore-ville, Illinois

 Step by weary step, wading through the sluggish, lukewarm river of thick, coagulating blood. A thousand empty eye sockets stare down from the gnarled and leafless trees that line the muddy banks, skeletal remains impaled on twisted branches and embraced in coils of thorns. The wind sings mournfully through the broken ribcages and gently rattles the dangling, fleshless limbs; the soft music of the dead a panic-inducing accompaniment to your journey through this unending morbid nightmare, beneath a swollen, crimson moon... 

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4 Musicians with a resume worthy of calling this a Super Group Death Thrash Line up. Luna In Sanguinem formed in 2018 with founding members Patt Maxwell (MINERS) Behind the drums and Michael Eisenhauer on Guitar ( Evil Incarnate). It wasn’t long until Rod Valdez Joined on Bass( Ex-Dementox) Micheal Handling Vocals til better came along. Enter Luna's current Vocalist Skip Mcgullam (Ex-Num Skull}

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