Gone By Sundown Are The Battle Of The Bands Champions And Band Of the Month August 2018 Friday August 3 2018, 11:25 AM
Gone By Sundown Are The Battle Of The Bands Champions And Band Of the Month August 2018

In 2013, Gone By Sundown was formed in northern Sweden, more precisely, in Umeå, by Tonie Rombin and Tomas Pedersen. e basic idea was to mix styles and inspiration from many di erent bands among Mustach, Motörhead and modern Metal. e quickly record- ed the debut single “A Wise Mans Linger” and began lming its de- but video. Shortly, a er few issues the band was put on ice. In 2017, the band was reawaken by Tonie Rombin, who was hunting for new members. Tonie contacted Tobias Skoog whom he worked with in other projects. Soon enough Fredrik Lunneberg also joined on gui- tar. ey searched for a front person for a while until Tonie acciden- tally found Frida Gradin on a website and contacted her.
Gone By Sundown was taking form but was still in need of a drum- mer; Oliver Dahlbäck contacted Tonie and both came to a conclusion that Oliver was the right man for the task. e rst new single “Will You Remember” began to take shape followed by a whole bunch of new songs and during September and October 2017, the single was recorded and the video was shot at the same time.
e band has set a plan for the future and will continue to deliver massive material on a regular basis.
Unfortunately, Tobias chose to leave the band in early October due to personal reasons. Tonie contacted original guitarist Tomas Pedersen, and asked if he wanted to join the band with the new setting, Tomas answer was “yes de nitely, be cool“.
With a complete line up, the band continues to work on the debut promo record.
By the end of December 2017 the rst single ”Will You Remember” was ready, mixed by Brazilian producer Marcos Cerutti, and mas- tered by Swedish legendary engineer Ronnie Björnström, known for working with heavy acts like Meshuggah, Naglfar, among many oth- ers! At the moment, Gone By Sundown is wrapping up the produc- tion for e Endless Path.

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